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North American Indian Thought and Culture: Browse Options


The Navigation bars are divided into eleven separate categories, all of which provide quick access to specific documents within the database.

  • All Works - a list of all volumes and web collections in the database.
  • Individuals - a list of every person named as an author, subject, or participating in an historical event.
  • Peoples - a list of all peoples discussed in the database, with all documents, individuals, and historical events pertaining to each group; peoples are organized by linguistic group or geographic area.
  • Places - documents organized by geographic subject, where they are written, and historical events organized by where they took place.
  • Environment - a list of Flora, Fauna, Geophysical Features and Natural Phenomena, with all documents pertaining to each.
  • Subjects - this is a selective list of key subjects and the documents in which you will find them.
  • Documents - this is a complete list of all documents included in the database, organized by type, author, year written, subject, or title.
  • Year - a chronology of key events.
  • Events - major historical events described by documents in the database, organized by date or title.
  • Images - a list of all images contained in the database, with a thumbnail of each image.
  • Audio/Video - a list of documents in audio or video format, organized by title.