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Music Online: Classical Scores Library: Volume III

Classical Scores Library: Volume III Brochure Cover

Music Online: Classical Scores Library Volume III brings together 400,000 pages of in-copyright editions from composers worldwide. featuring modern editions of major publishers and key composers such as Elgar, De Falla, Franck, Brahms, and Handel, as well as previously unpublished scores that are now available for the first time, including the scores of many composers who self-publish.



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Breakdown of Scores Volume III Content

Researcher Favorites

1. Canzone - Trio II (Hendrik Andriessen)

2. Fairer than the Sun at Morning (carol)

3. Speed (Matthew Hindson)

4. Momentum (Per Nørgård)

5. Ballade for guitar and harp (Jurriaan Andriessen)