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ProQuest Sanborn Maps Geo Edition: Historical Map Viewer

ProQuest Sanborn Maps Geo Edition (1867-1970) provides digital access to thousands of large-scale maps of American towns and cities, searchable by address and GPS coordinates.

Historical Map Viewer

The map viewer allows you to view the entire map sheet in the window.  You may choose to zoom in/out, recenter, and drag the image with the mouse to view specific portions of the selected map.  Use the toolbar at the bottom center of the viewer to control the zoom, shift the image up, down, left, or right, reset the image to the original thumbnail size image centered in the window, or rotate the image in 90 degree increments.


Below the viewer window you will find the indexed information for each sheet, including the full title, object dimensions, copyright, map scale, and Durable URL.


The tabs at the top of the viewer window include:

·     Map Key - The official map key (or legend) created by the Sanborn company explicitly for the black and white iterations of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

·     Add Notes - Clicking this tab opens a small box just below the tab where you may enter your own notes and save them to My Notebook.

·     Add to My Notebook - Click this tab to instantly add this map to My Notebook. Note that the screen will quickly refresh itself and you will need to go to the My Notebook tab at the top of the page to see that it was saved.

·     Email - Clicking this tab opens a small box just below the tab where you may enter an email where the map image can be sent.

·     Crop - By clicking this tab you can select a portion of a map image to print or download instead of printing or downloading the entire map image.

·     Print - This tab presents the image in 'browser view' where you can print the image via your browser's print settings.

·     Save JPEG - Clicking this tab allows you to download a standard JPEG image of the map image.  This option is great to use for general viewing and use.

·     Save GeoTIFF - This option allows you to download a GeoTIFF map image.  GeoTIFF is a standard image format that contains embedded geographic information that can be read by computer software systems.  This option is great to use for more advanced viewing in geographic information systems (GIS) where positioning, stretching, and geographic coordinates are necessary for research. Please note that GeoTIFF file sizes are larger, more detailed files and it may take a bit longer to download. (Tab will be grayed out if georeferenced image is not available for that sheet.)