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eLibrary: My eLibrary

Why sign up for a My eLibrary account?

With a My eLibrary account, you can:

  • Save your lists of documents for future reference
  • Make timelines that link to eLibrary articles, images, websites, and more 
  • Make slideshows that link to eLibrary articles, images, websites, and more

Setting Up an eLibrary Account

There are two kinds of "My eLibrary" account: student and teacher. You can register for either by first accessing eLibrary, then clicking the "My eLibrary" link on the upper border of the front screen, but only teachers should check the admin box at the bottom of the registration screen (after which they will be prompted for an administrative username, which can be obtained from Customer Service). 

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can use My eLibrary to save lists of images, articles, video clips, or any other kind of content in eLibrary. You can also take notes on documents, tag what you want, and create timelines and slideshows. Anything you annotate, tag, or create in My eLibrary can be shared—simply set up a "My eLibrary" account (e.g., MsSmith'sClass) and distribute username and password to everyone in your group. You can always enter My eLibrary by clicking on the "My eLibrary" link at the very top of the page. 

My eLibrary Training Video

My eLibrary Training Video