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ProQuest Obituaries: Viewing Results

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest Obituaries including content, searching, and viewing results.

Obituary for one individual

After clicking on the name of the deceased for the record of interest found on the Results page, the image viewer will appear with the obituary in the center of the screen. You may use the embedded Email, Print, Download, or Notebook tools as well as navigation options within the viewer (see #1-3 below for more information).  Use the buttons in the bottom right corner* to: fit to screen, stretch across the viewer, zoom in or out, save, or print (see #4 below for more information). Note that the image files are in the PDF format.

1. Email, Print, Download and Notebook

Clicking the Notebook checkbox will add the obituary to your personal Notebook, where you can collect a list of marked records to then email, print, or download before you end the current search session. You may also take notes on your findings regarding each records. Clicking the Notebook link at the top of the screen will redirect the page to view the contents of your Notebook.  Remember that the Notebook tool is a current-session only option and any marked items will disappear once the ProQuest Obituaries database window is closed or the session times out due to inactivity.  

See the Researcher's Tools page of this guide for more information regarding these options.

2. Back to Search Results

The Back to search results link will redirect the page to the Search Results page, allowing you to examine and explore other records. 

3. Page Navigation

Click the Previous or Next links to navigate forward or backward through the results without returning to the Search Results page. 

4. Image Viewer Tools

When you hover your cursor near the bottom of the viewer*, the Image Viewer Tools will appear. 

Tools from left to right area as follows:

The fit to screen button adjusts the image to fit within the viewer and is determined by the size of your browser window. This allows you to see the image in its entirety within the viewer.

The stretch button will simultaneously enlarge the image and stretch it left-to-right across the viewer.

To Zoom In/Out, click the plus or minus magnifying glass symbols.

Save the image as a PDF file by clicking the disk icon.

Click the printer button in the toolbar to Print the image. Note that you may wish to adjust your printer's settings for page orientation (portrait vs. landscape) to reorient the layout of the image on the page depending upon the height and/or width of the image.

* The bottom right toolbar is specific to Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 and higher. Searchers using older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (such as 7, 8, or 9) will see the tools or floating toolbar near the top of the screen.

Obituary record displaying multiple individuals

When viewing an image that contains more than one obituary, carefully review and read the image by scrolling top to bottom or left-to-right as needed. All other tools and options are the same as described in the box to the left found on this page.