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ProQuest Obituaries: Researcher's Tools

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest Obituaries including content, searching, and viewing results.


1. Email

You may wish to email an image to yourself or others. After clicking the Email link in the image viewer, you will see this page appear. Enter the recipient's email address, select the type of email to be sent, and add any notes or messages you would like to accompany the image file.  If sending to multiple emails, separate each using a comma. The image will be sent as a PDF file which includes the obituary image, the citation, and the copyright statement.

2. Print

To print an image, click the Print button found in the image viewer. The page will refresh to display the print options available based upon the browser being used and may differ from the image below. Select your preferences for page orientation, where to print to, number of copies, etc.

3. Download

Depending upon your browser's setting for downloading files, you may see a small window appear (click "yes" to begin the download) or the file will automatically begin downloading to your computer. Once the file has downloaded, click to open the PDF file. It will open in the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ installed on the computer.  If it is not yet installed: 1) check with the library staff OR 2) click here to download it on your personal computer.

4. Results List

Found at the top of the page, the Results List link will redirect the page to display the most recent set of search results found in the current search session. 

5. Notebook

The Notebook tool contains the records that you have marked either on the results page or in the image viewer.  Click the blue X to the left of a record to delete it from the list.  Click the Add a note link to add your personal notes to each record; notes are included when a Notebook list is emailed, printed, or downloaded.  This list is viable only during the current search session, so be sure to utilize the email, print, or download tools found on this page before logging out of the current session.  

6. Search History

The Search History page reflects all searches executed during the current search session.  You may clear the list by clicking on the Clear History link at the bottom of the list.  We encourage you to use your browser's print option to print this page before ending the search session, so that you know what you searched, how many results you were able to review during the search session, and generally stay more organized.     

7. Help

The Help link will provide written and visual descriptions of the page you are currently viewing (a.k.a., contextual help).  To review the entire Help file, click the Table of Contents link at the top of the Help page you are viewing. Note that examples found in the Help reflect older versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.