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Calendars and History of Legislation: Home

About the Calendars

Often called the House Calendars, these publications are helpful in tracking legislation from both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  They answer questions such as:  what happened to a bill, was it signed into law, or not?  Were there other bills on the same topic that were considered?

These are documents created for the paper world, so beginning with the 97th Congress, the document was created in sections.  Regular users will know which section they want to use.  For the rest of us, instead of pages 1-250, each section has it's own numbering:  6-1 through 6-15, for example. 

To use these most efficiently, either check the table of contents to see which section you want to use and then search for the first page of that section, or, do a full text search for the bill number. 


These were created as part of the ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection (containing committee prints and CRS reports). 

100th Congress - present (1987-ff)

91st - 99th Congress (1967-1986)

80th - 89th Congress (1947-66)

70th - 79th Congress (1927-1946)

56th - 69th Congress (1899-1927)