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ProQuest Civil War Era: Searchable Fields

A guide to ProQuest Civil War Era - a comprehensive collection of primary source materials that were previously unavailable digitally.

Look Ups and Browsable Indexes

ProQuest Civil War Era offers two Look ups (i.e., browsable indexes), Pamphlet Subject Headings and Publication Title, so you can easily find specific subjects or relevant titles to narrow your search.  You can find the Look up links in the advanced search page. 

For a description of all available searchable fields, please see the searchable fields table to the right. 

Note: Look ups are also available from the Command Line search (through the Look up terms link).

To locate and use a Look up (i.e., browsable index), select the field of interest from the Advanced Search drop-down menu of searchable fields. If a Look up is available, under the menu box you will see a link (e.g., "Look up Pamphlet subject heading").  The Pamphlet Subject Heading Look up is also listed in the Search options section of the Advanced Search page.

Select the Look up link and then you will see a browsable and alphabetical index for that field.  Once you locate the indexed term that you would like to add to your search, mark the item, and then click the Add to search button.  The indexed term will now appear in the advanced search form along with the appropriate pull-down menu selection.

Searchable Fields

Field Name


Search Examples & Explanation



AB(Fort Sumter)

We use the first paragraph of the newspaper article or pamphlet as the Abstract for the indexed record.

All Fields


ALL(“General Forrest” OR General Forrest)

Search for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.

All Fields + Text


“shot heard ‘round the world”

Using All fields + text will search for the search terms in all indexed fields and the full text.




AU(Harris, Samuel)

AU(Eudora Clark)

AU(President of the United States of America)

Use to find documents written by a particular author. Try searching on both the full first name and initials in order to retrieve all publications by a specific author. Accepted name formatting: First name Last name; Last name, First name




CLC(Civil War)

Search specifically for either the slavery or the civil war pamphlet collections.

Corporate/institutional author



CA(Loyal National League of the State of New York)

CA(Anti-Slavery Society) 

Search for a company or other organizations featured prominently in an article.



DLN(Head quarters)

DLN(New York)

DLN(St. Louis, Oct 13)

Use this field to search by the dateline of newspaper articles.  The dateline is located at the beginning of a news article defining the point of origin and date of publication, if the article was not written locally.

Document Text


FT(“Freedman’s Savings and Trust”)


Search for keywords in the body of the article or pamphlet.

Document Title



TI(“Battle of Stones River” OR “Battle of Murfreesboro”)

TI(“soldier list”)

TI(“The Surgeons of the Civil War”)

Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.

Document Type


DType(Military war news)

DType(Photo standalone)


Use this field to locate particular types of documents within the newspapers or specify pamphlets.  You may also use the Document Type check boxes in the Search Options limits section of the Advanced Search page to specify the document type sought.




All newspapers and pamphlets in ProQuest Civil War Era were originally published in English, therefore English is the only language search term that will yield results.




Use this field to specify the page of the newspaper you wish to narrow your search to.

Publication date



PD(Dec 1862)

Enter only a year to find results from both the Pamphlets and Newspapers. Use the three letter month abbreviation and the year to find results from only the newspapers collections.

Publication Title



PUB(“Memphis Daily Appeal”)

PUB(“Pamphlets on the Civil War”)

Use to search by a specific publication or publications.

Pamphlet Subject Heading


SU(“constitutional issues and states rights”)

SU(“emancipation of slaves”)

Use the subject search field to look for articles about a specific subject.  You may use the Look up for this field to more easily locate and select multiple subjects for searching.

 Source type



There are only two source types available for ProQuest Civil War Era: Historical Newspapers and Pamphlets & Ephemeral Works.  You may also use the Source Type check boxes in the Search Options limits section of the Advanced Search page to limit your search.



TAG(law and litigation)

Use to search for Tags attached to articles. This field is user generated and only searches Tags that were made public by ProQuest users.