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Climate Change / Global Warming – A Selected Bibliography (January 2017): To Find Related Publications

A Bibliography for Current Events Research

To Find Related Publications

To find related publications or to expand your research in this area, try these subject headings and key words:

  • Global climate change
  • Air pollution
  • Environmental pollution and control
  • International cooperation in environmental sciences
  • Global Environment Facility
  • Meteorology
  • Weather

Tips for Searching

Tips for searching:

Both Congressional and Statistical Insight have a few ways to assist users in searching.

index link


First, both databases have a list of Index Terms that are used in the databases.  These can be searched to find terms beginning with the term, or containing the term.





using the type-ahead feature


Second, both Congressional and Statistical Insight also have a type-ahead feature that lists subject terms and organizations (committees, etc) that are in the databases (these can be identified using the index, noted above, as well). 




After you search, if you like the retrieved documents, look at the subject terms that have been assigned to one or more of the documents and use those to continue searching.