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Congressional Demographics: 114th Congress (2015-6)

Congressional delegations, parties and more

About this Page - the makeup of the 114th Congress

The makeup of the 114th Congress

For users with a subscription to Congressional Basic (also known as Congressional Base) these are quick links into the content of the demographics information about the 114th Congress. 

Links take users to lists of the state delegations to the U.S. Congress, and to various slices of data - the democrats in the House of Representative or Senate, the republicans in the House of Representative or Senate, male and female members of the chambers etc.

Please feel free to copy this guide, or to use it to create your own links to this information.

House of Representatives Makeup

Up for Re-election (House)

Note: the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election every 2 years.  However there are some members who resign during their terms, so that is noted here, as well as the list of the rest of the House.