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eLibrary Science: About

eLibrary Science delivers the online discovery tools students need to excel in the sciences — interactive experiments, up-to-date resources, real-life connections, and engaging activities. It brings together the best and most current science content.

Publication Types

  • Audio/Video
  • Books
  • Images
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Newswires
  • Scholarly Journals
  • TV & Radio Transcripts
  • Websites

Subject Coverage

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Featured Scientists
  • Health & Medical Science
  • Life Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Physical Science
  • Science Fair & Project Ideas
  • Science News
  • Technology


Publication Coverage

United States National/State/Common Core State Standards

What is eLibrary Science?

eLibrary Science

eLibrary Science offers laser-focused science content and tools along with unique video and dozens of interactive applications found in no other online science reference product.

Students will love the updated science news links, information about famous scientists, a Today in Science History feature, clickable periodic table, and hundreds of educator-approved websites from Homework Central.

eLibrary Science supports the information needs of both AP and mainstream science courses.



Inside eLibrary Science

eLibrary Science offers unique, compelling content and editorial features for students and powerful teaching tools for educators.

  • Multimedia resources provide thousands of files—pictures, websites, streaming audio/video—for use in illustration, demonstration, or presentations.
  • Interactive content enhances text-only information and illustrates complex theories with manipulative and interactive tools that give students first-hand experience with concepts.
  • Relevant resources target articles from more than 400 leading science periodicals; or expand searches across all eLibrary sources—locating the most relevant content from more than 2,000 titles indexed to thousands of science topics.
  • Famous Scientists highlights the life and achievements of more than 500 scientists from around the world.
  • Science News highlights the latest news in the sciences with daily topical updates.
  • Today in Science explores an important discovery from the past for each day of the year—designed to engage students through interesting events.
  • State & national science standards make it easy to locate resources aligned directly to learning benchmarks in the sciences.
  • Science BookCart Learning Modules enable teachers to build and share customized content that links students to online material that’s reliable, relevant, and appropriate for daily classroom use, research, or activities.


Product Features & Benefits


100% full‐text | 307+ science magazines/journal titles | 20 Salem Press reference titles | 116 reference ebooks | 2500 transcripts |1500+ websites | 600 audio/video  | 150+ interactives | 10,600 websites | 500 famous scientists biographies |  Multimedia Interactives | 300+ Research Topics | 2.7 million science related documents 


Intuitive interface | Daily updating | Lexile Reading Levels | Curriculum Standards Alignment | Reference Desk | Citation Generator | Today In Science History | Science News Feed | My List Result Sets | Teacher Created Content Collections (i.e. Bookcarts) | Quiz Assessment Tool | Bookmarking & Sharing | Document Tagging  | Online Training

eLibrary Product Family

The eLibrary Product Family includes eLibrary, eLibrary Curriculum Edition, eLibrary Public Library, eLibrary Academic, eLibrary Canada, eLibrary Canada Curriculum Edition, eLibrary Science, eLibrary Elementary and eLibrary Australasia

eLibrary Mobile

A mobile version of eLibrary is now available. Direct your Smartphone or Tablet browser to and authenticate via your account username and password or via IP address. Contact Technical Support if you encounter difficulties.