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Early European Books: Full Record

Full Record Tips

1. Indexing

 Full records contain as much information about an item as possible. The details may vary depending on the availability of information. See more information about indexed fields on the Search page.

2. Previous result/Next result

Click the links to view Previous result or Next result.

3. Thumbnail

The thumbnail image shows the first page of the book. Click the thumbnail to see all scanned parts of the book on the Thumbnails page.

4. CERL Thesaurus

The option to see a list of name variants from the CERL Thesaurus is available for Author, Place of publication, Printer/publisher name and Country. For more information on this feature see the Search Tips page.

5. Navigation panel

This panel will appear in the top right hand side of most pages.

Marked list - A link to the marked List with an indicator of how many records (items) have been currently saved to the Marked List (in brackets). with an indicator of how many records (items) have been currently saved to the Marked List (in brackets).

Recent Searches - The Recent Searches page records all the searches you have run during the current session. It allows you to run searches again, modify them, combine them with other searches or delete them from your list.

Add to Marked List - You can add a full record to the Marked List so that you can collect together several documents ready for emailing, printing or downloading during your session on the Early European Books. To do this:

  • Click the Add to Marked List checkbox in the side panel so that the checkbox appears checked
    The background color will change to indicate that the full citation has been added to Marked List and the total number of items in Marked List will be shown next to the Marked List link at the top of the page.
  • If you want to remove the full record from Marked List click the checkbox so that it appears unchecked
    The orginal background color will be restored and the total number of items will change to reflect that an item has been removed

You can view items in the Marked List at any time by following the Marked List link at the top of the page.

Back to search results - Click this link to go back to the result list.

Durable URL for this page - You can obtain the durable link for a full record by clicking the Durable URL link in the side panel at the right of the page. A pop-up window will open displaying the URL; you can copy and paste it into your documents and email.

Email - Use the Email link in the side panel at the right of the page to go to the Email page which contains a form to enable you to email the full record. Note: to email more than one citation at a time you will need to use Marked List or My Research.

Print View - You can use the Print view page to print items from the Early European Books. The Print view page is available from any Full Record, Marked List or My Research Saved Items page by following the Print view link. When navigating from Marked List or My Research the Print view may display up to 500 different items. The Print view page displays without all the graphical elements and navigation options of the main website.

Download Citation - Use the Download citation link to go to the Download Page here you can choose the format of the full record citation for downloading to your computer. This page provides options for you to download the record in plain text format, download in a format compatible with ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager and RefWorks or export directly to ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager or RefWorks.

Save record to My Research - You can save a full record to My Research for future reference beyond your current session.

  • Click on the Save to My Research link in the side panel to the right of the page
  • If you are already logged into My Research, you will be taken to the Saved Items page where the citation for your full record will be listed.
  • If you are not logged into My Research, you will need to enter your username and password before you can proceed.

If you do not have a My Research account, or would like more information, go to the My Research Help Page.

6. View Images

Clicking on the Document Image link will lead to the Document image page for the first page of the scanned book (the number of images which make up the document image is displayed in brackets). Click the Document image - PDF link to view and download any number of pages in PDF.


Full Record