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Early European Books: My Research

My Research tips

The My Research area of the Early European Books has been specifically designed to help you with your research. You create your own personalized area where you can store selected items and searches for future reference. My Research is username and password protected, so that only you can access the information stored here, unless you choose to share your log in details.

To access My Research, click on the My Research link that appears on every page in the Early European Books.

Create a new user profile - To use the My Research features in the Early European Books you need to register a user profile with us. We then use the username and password from your profile to validate your access to these features.

To create a new profile, fill in the form on the Create Profile page:

  1. Enter a username. This must be between 5 and 10 characters, with no spaces.
  2. Enter a password. Your password must be between 5 and 10 characters, with no spaces.
  3. Enter your password again for confirmation. You must type a username and password otherwise we cannot set up a profile.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your full name.
  6. Enter the name of your institution.
  7. Click the Submit button.

A confirmation page is displayed to allow you to confirm that the details you entered are correct. If they are incorrect, follow the Modify Profile link to edit your profile. Additional confirmation of your username and password will be sent by email. The username and password fields are compulsory and must be completed in order for a profile to be created. Your email address, name and institution are optional, so you can leave these fields blank if you prefer. However, we cannot send you reminders if you do not register an email address.

What is the Saved Items page? - The Saved Items page lists all the items you have saved to My Research. It allows you to store items beyond a single session. From the Saved Items page you can view any of the items listed again, email, print, download, or remove items from your list. 

What is the Saved Searches page? - The Saved Searches page lists all the searches you have saved using the Save search terms to My Research link on Search Results page or from the Recent Searches page. It allows you to run searches again, annotate them, modify them or delete them from your list.To access Saved Searches, follow the View Saved Searches link on the My Research welcome page. Note: only the terms of your search are saved, not the results of the search itself.


My Research - Not signed in

My Research - Create an account

My Research - Signed in