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Early European Books: Results

Results Page Tips

1. Sort Results By

The default order in which your results are displayed is in alphabetical order by author. Search results can be sorted in one of five ways:

  • Alphabetically by author
  • Date (earliest first)
  • Date (latest) first
  • Alphabetically by title
  • Relevance

2. Display per page

The number of results per page is set on the Search page within the Organise your search results Display section. 20 results per page will show by default unless you had checked the 50 or 100 options on the Search page.

You can choose whether to display 20, 50 or 100 entries also on the Search Results page using the Display links.

3. Record

There is a Full Record available for every document in the Early European Books. This can be accessed by following the title link in the result citation.

There are three ways to access Document Images from the search results page:

  • Click on the thumbnail image displayed within the result citation which will open the Thumbnails page. Clicking on any of the thumbnails on that page will lead to the relevant Document Image page.
  • Clicking on the Document Image link will lead to the Document image page for the first page of the scanned book (the number of images which make up the document image is displayed in brackets).
  • Click on the Document Image - PDF link to open a PDF version of the document image.

Note: the thumbnail image shown on the Full Record page is the first page of the scanned document.

4. Filter results by

The Early European Books allows you to filter your results set in order to obtain the results most relevant to your research. You can use the links in the Filter Results panel (on the right hand side of the page) to apply these filters:

  • Click on the plus (+) icon next to a heading to expand that category, or the minus (-) icon next to a heading to collapse the category. By default a category will expand to display the most relevant subcategories (i.e. the ones with the most results). More than one category can be expanded at a time.
  • Once you have expanded a category, click on a link to apply that filter to the current results set. A revised set of results with the filter applied is displayed and a summary of the filter(s) applied is shown at the top of the search results page. Only those subcategories which still contain results are now shown in the Filter Results panel.
  • Once a filter has been applied a Remove filter link is displayed below the filter category in the Filter Results panel. To remove the effects of the filter, click the Remove filter link and you will be returned to your previous results set without the filter applied.

You can filter by Author, Place of publication, Printer/publisher name, Page features, Language, Subject and Date.

Note: If there is only one item in a particular category, that filter will then disappear.

5. Add to marked list

Each results citation includes a checkbox (below the details and Document links) to enable you to add it to the Marked List .

To add all of the results citations on the page to the Marked List, check the Mark/Clear all results on this page checkbox at the top of the results list. A progress indicator will count down the number of results as they are added to the Marked List and the final total will be shown next to the Marked List link at the top of the page. The results will be displayed with a new background color to indicate that they have been added to the Marked List.

To remove all the results on the page from the Marked List, uncheck the Mark/Clear all results on this page checkbox.

To add an individual result citation to the Marked List, check the Add to Marked List checkbox below the citation. The background colour of the result will change to indicate that the citation is now in the Marked List.

To remove an individual result citation from your Marked List, uncheck the Add to Marked List checkbox below the citation.

Items added to the Marked List will be kept there for the duration of your session. The total number of items contained in the Marked List is shown next to the Marked List link in the secondary navigation panel at the top right hand side of the page.

6. Navigate to other pages of results

Where there is more than one page of results, the Early European Books provides a link to each page at the the bottom of the results list. Click a number link to display the results listed on that page. Click the Previous or Next link to view the previous or next page of results in the sequence.

Results Page