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Early European Books: Sample Searches

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Sample Searches

Berfore you start, please note:

  • The result of your searches will vary according to the Early European Books collections your institution have access to. You can check this on the About Early European Books page (please note that this link will only work if you are authenticated to Early European Books)
  • The Early European Books collections are multilingual, even if all the books in a collection are scanned at the national library of a certain country.
  • You are not able to search the full text of the scanned book pages.

1) You want to view all books written in Greek.

  • Click the Select from a list link next to the Language search box on the Search page.
  • Select Greek, Ancient using the checkbox and click the Select button to take your selection back to the search screen.
  • If you selected more than one language they will be combined with an OR.
  • Click Search.
  • On the results list, you can use Filter results by to narrow you search by for instance Author or Subject.

2) You need to find books written by a specific author.

  • Write the name in the Author search box on the Search page.
  • Use the Select from a list option for the Author search box to find the standardized spelling of the author name, which is used in all records for books written by this author.
  • There is an alternative way: names of persons could have been spelled in different ways in different centuries and languages. You are able to write other spellings of the name in the Author search box. Then select the Find historical and linguistic variants option above the search form. The CERL list of author names spellings is implemented and enables you to find the correct records (see Search tips).
  • Click Search.
  • Select a record and click the title link to see the Full record. Next to the author name you can click on the link View variants from the CERL Thesaurus if you would like to see the variant spellings.

3) You need to find books with a specific page feature, for instance musical notations.

  • Use the Page features option on the Search page. Select Musical notation. (you are also able to add more limitations, for instance Language)
  • Click Search.
  • Select a book on the result list and click the thumbnail image.
  • On the Thumbnails page, use the Filter by page features drop down menu and select View Thumbnails with Musical notation.