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Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, 1789-2017

Searching from the Basic search form

 Basic SearchFrom the basic search page, search for Executive Orders & Presidential Proclamations by first typing in your search term and clicking the search icon.

Note:  the Basic search form searches the full text, while the advanced search allows you to search either full text or metadata (indexing).

Results page filtered for Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations






Then use the document facets on the left (under Filter by) to select the Document Type.

Searching from the Advanced Search form

  Advanced Search page


To begin your search by searching for only the Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, start on the Advanced Search page, and use the check box for only that document type.  Then, type your search term in the search box.

filter your results


Looking at the search results page, use the tools in the left column to sort your results, or to filter results to the subject or presidential administration you need.  

View the document

viewing the document

The metadata (indexing) has the information about the document, including the title, document date, accession number, signator, and source. 


Use the floating menu on the left to navigate to different parts of the metadata.   

Emailing, Printing etc.

saving, emailing etc.On the right of each of the individual records, there are 6 options - downloading, emailing, printing, permalink, share, and add to selected items. 

  • The Download PDF button allows users to download the entire PDF, or 50-page chunks. 
  • The Email button will email the record you are viewing, along with a link back to the record.  (It will not email the attached document - some of the documents are quite large so email systems might reject them.)
  • The Print button will print the record you are viewing.  (It will not print the PDF - some of the documents are quite large).
  • The Permalink button will either allow you to copy the link, or to open the document in a new tab.
  • The Share button will allow you to share information about this document through a variety of social media outlets. 
  • The checkbox Add to selected items will add the document to the list of selected items.  You can get to the list by clicking on the file folder in the upper right corner of your browser. 

Underneath the various options you'll see Related News with approximately ten newspaper articles related to the document you are viewing.  The papers shown are those subscribed to/purchased by your institution.   For more on how those articles are selected, click here