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Historic Map Works Library Edition: Search

Historic Map Works™ Library Edition is one of the most extensive digital map collections available, with over 1.5 million high-resolution, full color historic maps.

Search Maps

Search Historic Map Works™ Library Edition by clicking either the Search tab at the top of the page or clicking the Search tab found on the Browse page.  Both will redirect you to the following page: 

The Search page is searching across the metadata available such as Map Title, Publishers, Date, State, County, etc. It is not searching OCR or full text.


  • “Map & Directory Keyword Search”
    • Contains two categories: US and World
    • Search by map title or atlas (source) name, location, publisher, or date.
      • When searching for a location, the comma is not necessary to separate a city and state or country (e.g. Savannah Georgia rather than Savannah, Georgia); a city name can be entered independently of the state (e.g. Denver rather than Denver Colorado).
      • Dates should be entered as the year only (e.g. 1921).
      • Quotation marks should not be used to create phrases.
      • Other forms of punctuation, such as apostrophes, will be ignored (e.g. Bird’s Eye will search for Bird s Eye instead).
      • Boolean operators, such as AND OR, are not necessary because search terms are automatically combined with AND by default.
      • A link to the ‘Advanced Search’ page and the option to ‘Search Within Results’ is available from the results page.
  • “Category Guide”
    • Defines the types of map categories
  •  “Advanced Search” – [search results examples in next section]
    • Select (Checkbox) Category
    • Enter Keywords*
      • Contains, Starts With, Exact Match, and Doesn’t Contain options 1st dropdown box.
        • 2nd dropdown only offers Contains and Doesn’t Contain
      • Boolean operators’ dropdown box (Boolean operators are not allowed in the Keyword search boxes).
      • Add Search Field link.

*Keyword search queries our database for map names, atlas names, directory content, publishers, dates, and locations that match your keywords. Results that contain all of your keywords are returned. They are divided into categories; Maps, Atlases, Bird's Eye Views, Charts, Directories and Directory Pages for the United States, Maps, Atlases and Special Collection for the World.