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History Vault: Bookmarks & MARC Records

MARC Records

For MARC records for History Vault, you are invited to go to the following site and download the records that match your purchases. 

Note::  MARC records are created for each collection within a module.   To see the collections within the modules available at your institution, go to the History Vault home page. click on the link to Read More that is beneath the image illustration the subject area, and from that page, select the link to Browse Collections after the name of the module.

About the bookmarks

Individual modules, module descriptions, and subject areas within History Vault have permanent links.  (Note, individual collections also have links, follow the directions above, in the MARC Records box, to get to the collection descriptions with links).

Subject (thematic) areas are listed below in bold.  As new modules are introduced to the subject areas, users will either need to update these links themselves, or check this page again to copy the new URL.  

Individual modules are listed below each subject.  Titles are hyperlinked, and the URL is also included in text to facilitate copying.