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Literature Online (LION): Authors

A guide to all aspects of Literature Online (LION) including content, searching, and viewing results.

Author Search

You can search for authors by name, or according to a particular criteria. If you need help deciding what to enter into a search box, you can use the "Look Up" feature. This will display a list of appropriate terms for you to select, which are then transferred back to the relevant search box when you slick Select.

1. Quick search

Quick Search appears at the top of every screen and is a simple way to find what you are looking for in Literature Online.

2. Author name 

Enter the name of the author you wish to search for. Format the name as first name last name, or last name, first name. The author name look up allows you to browse for author names and select one or more to be added to the search form.

3. Living in years (date range)

Include a range of years during an author's life, a genre's height in popularity, or a historical era as a search limit. Only the year (YYYY) need be entered into the search fields.

4. Gender 

Indicate the gender of the author which you seek information about.

5. Nationality

Specify the nationality of the author you seek information about. Select multiple nationalities from the Look Up to search if needed.

6. Ethnicity

Use this field to indicate the ethnicity of the author you seek information regarding, or select multiple ethnicities from the Look Up for a more complex search.

7. Literary Movement

Enter a single known literary movement or use the Look Up to include multiple literary movements in your search.

8. Literary Period

Enter a single known literary period or use the Look Up to include multiple literary periods in your search.

Author Search