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Literature Online (LION): Quick Search

A guide to all aspects of Literature Online (LION) including content, searching, and viewing results.

Quick Search

1. Quick Search

Quick search  is a simple way to find what you are looking for in Literature Online. Quick Search searches across all content within Literature Online.

2. Recent Searches

The Recent Searches page records all the searches you have run during the current session. From here you can run searches again, modify them, combine them with other searches or delete them from your list.

Note that the searches on the Recent Searches page are only retained for a single session so that any information recorded there will be lost once you exit Literature Online. If you want to keep a search beyond the current session then you must save it to the My Archive area from the original Results page.

3. Selected Items

The Selected Items page lists the bibliographic records you have selected and added from your search Result pages during the current session. From here you can view the full text, email or print the list, remove records from your list, or save records to My Archive if you want to keep a record beyond the current session.

Note that records will only remain on the Selected Items page for the duration of the current session.

4. My Archive

My Archive is a personal workspace within Literature Online which provides features that are specific to you. To ensure the integrity of these features we have made them access controlled. This means the first time you select one of these features you have to log in to Literature Online by entering your username and password. For more information regarding My Archive, click here

5. Exit

Log out to end the current session by clicking the Exit link.

6. Help

Have questions? Click the Help link to read more about the page that you are currently using within Literature Online.

Quick Search

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