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Literature Online (LION): Results

A guide to all aspects of Literature Online (LION) including content, searching, and viewing results.

Results Page Tips

The following features are common to all results pages in Literature Online.

Results summary

The results summary is the first thing which appears at the top of all results pages. It tells you the number of results your search has retrieved and lists your search terms and the fields you entered them into. 


Modify search

All results pages include a Modify search link so that you can make changes to your search to improve and refine the results you will retrieve. The Modify search link is available in the tool bar just below the results summary. Click the link to return to your original search page which displays the terms and limits you entered when you submitted the search. You can make the changes you need and click the Search button to run a new search.


Selecting items

You can select individual entries on the Results page and collect them together in your Selected Items:

Check the checkbox next to an entry to select it or click Select all items on this page to select everything on the page you are viewing. The selected entries will be added to your Selected Items. Your selected items will remain selected on all other Results pages for the duration of the current session.

To remove entries from your Selected Items:

Uncheck the checkbox next to the entry you want to remove or uncheck the Select all items on this page checkbox to remove all entries on the current page.
You can click the Selected Items link at the top of every page to view your entries at any time during your session.

Save the selected items to your My Archive account for later use by viewing the selected items list and clicking "Save all items to My Archive." If you are not already logged in to your My Archive account, you will be prompted to do so.


Page navigation

The number of results per page is 50 for Quick Search, Authors, Criticism and Reference results and 10 for Texts results. If the number of results exceeds that number, page navigation links are displayed at the bottom of each results page. Click a number to display the results listed on that page or click the previous and next arrows to go backwards or forwards one page at a time.


Saving Searches

You can store your search in the Saved Searches area of My Archive for use at a later date by clicking the Save search link (shown in the toolbar at the top of the results page). You will be prompted to give your search a name so that you can easily identify it in your list of saved searches.