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Literature Online (LION): Sample Searches

A guide to all aspects of Literature Online (LION) including content, searching, and viewing results.

Links to Literature Online

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Literature Online.

Sample Searches

1. Quick  Search      

You would like to find the number of occurrences of the term "serpent" in Literature Online.

Enter serpent in the Quick Search box found on the LION homepage.

Click the search button or press Enter on your keyboard.


2. Author Search

You would like to locate the works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Select Authors either from the Home page or from the Author tab > Search > Authors

Enter Geoffrey Chaucer in the Author Name box or Use the Look up link and type Chaucer into the Find Author(s) box. Select "Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400", add to search, and then click Search.


3. Text Search

You are searching for texts related to war and death that were published between WW1 and WW2.

Select Texts tab > Search > All Texts.

Enter war and death in the Key words in text box.

Enter 1914 in the Publication Date: From box.

Enter 1945 in the Publication Date: To box.

Click Search

The Texts list of results page will be displayed, listing the author, the title of the work containing the selected words and  the line(s) containing the words.


4. Full Text Journals

Select: Criticism tab > Browse > Full Text Journals

Select: C from the alphabetical list

Select: Journal "Critique: studies in contemporary fiction"

Then browse or search for an issue or article.


5. Variant Spellings

You are looking for occurrences of the word "jealousy" including old spellings.

Select Texts tab > Search > All Texts.

Enter Jealousy in the Keywords in Text box.

Click Check for Variant Spellings.

Click Search.

A list of texts will be displayed containing the variant spellings of jealousy. A list will also appear at the top of the page listing all the variant spellings.


6. Reference

You are searching for Reference material on the works of Scott Fitzgerald.

Select: Reference tab > Search > Reference

Enter Fitzgerald, Scott into the Subject box.

Click Search.

The results list will display all relevant materials and web sites including Knowledge Notes, Biography, and Bibliography.


7. Multimedia:

A) You would like to hear Jayne Cortez reading her own works.

Select Texts tab > Browse > Video and Audio.

Select Poets on Screen.

Click on C in the A-Z list.

Scroll down until you locate Cortez, Jayne.

Click on "The Guitars I used to know."


B) You would like to listen to a Shakespearean Play.

Select Texts tab> Browse > Video and Audio.

Select Shakespeare Audio Plays.

Click on "Loves Labor Lost"

Here you can listed to the full play or select the relevant act.


8. Browse

You are interested in learning more about poet Allan Ginsberg and hope to locate some of his poems.

Under the Authors tab, click Browse > Authors.

Select "G" from the alphabetical listing.

Scroll to and click on Ginsberg, Allen 1926- 

The page will refresh to the Author Profile page for Mr. Ginsberg, listing details about the author.

At the bottom of the profile, locate the Resources section, noting the availability of Criticism and Reference works.

The last listing within the Resources section lists Poets on Screen, readings of Ginsberg's poetry by himself and other poets on video, and Poetry Archive Audio, a link to the Poetry Archive website ( with a concise biography and audio files of the poet reading his own poetry and commenting on its inspiration, conceptualization, etc.