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Music and Performing Arts Collection: Sample Searches

Links to Music & Performing Arts Database

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Music & Performing Arts Database. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Music & Performing Arts Database please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Single Collections Sample Searches

Click on the name of each product to see specific sample searches

Sample Searches

Review options based on search forms and content available and customize

Basic Search      

You are looking for discussions about Mozart's "Magic Flute".

  • Type mozart AND "magic flute" into the Basic Search box.
  • Based on the large amount of results that are retrieved, it is a good idea to refine your results using the Narrow results by feature.
  • From the Narrow results by, go to the Document type limit and click the more options link to expand the list. Select "Research and Analysis".
  • To begin reviewing your results, hover over the Preview link available on each record to view the major fields of the record.
  • For additional record details, select the AbstractDetails link under each record for the bibliographic records of to the Full Text link whenever available, to view the full record.

Advanced Search

 You are looking for recent articles about the role of female actors in the modern Kabuki theater.

  • From the Advanced Search page and the first pull-down menu in the first search row, select Narrow subject heading.
  • Use the Look up Narrow subjects link that appears just below the selected field to search for the available and relevant subject terms.
  • Type kabuki and select the option "Contains".
  • Select the relevant terms from the list of narrow subject terms and click Add to search.
  • From the second pull-down menu, select Anywhere and enter actress or female n/1 act* in the box.
  • Leave the operator AND between the boxes and click Search.
  • To begin reviewing your results, hover over the Preview link available on each record to view the major fields of the record.
  • For additional record details, select the Abstract/Details link under each record to view the Bibliographic records or the Full Text link to view the full records.
  • Mark any records that interest you to save, print, email, cite, export, save to your My Research account, or to view selected items later.
  • From the top of the results page (under the search box) select Create alert to receive an email when new results are loaded into Music & Performing Arts Database that meet your search criteria.
  • Enter your email address, choose the email format, and schedule your alert based on when you would like to receive an email of your results and how long you would like the alert to last.
  • Click create alert.


Use this page to locate publications covered in the Music & Performing Arts Database, search within those publications, and browse the available issues.

You want to browse the latest issue of Billboard.

  • Type Billboard in the search box and select to search In title from the pull-down menu.
  • Click on the publication title to be taken to the publication’s search page and the list of available issues.
  • Use the Search within publication search box to search for articles in the journal or the Browse specific issues feature to look through the contents of an issue.
  • To browse the latest issue, select the most recent year to see the published issues and then choose the most recent issue.
  • Hover over the preview for additional record details or select the Abstract/Details link, or Full Text to begin reviewing the article.