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Global Newsstream: Sample Searches

Access to the most influential and respected contemporary news resources from around the globe—from today’s news to backfiles dating back to the 1980s

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Global Newsstream through your institution. 

Sample Searches

Since US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia are all cross-searchable in Global Newsstream, searches will allow researchers easy access to multiple perspectives, resources, and languages on the topic they are researching.

Basic Search

When searching for global news perspectives on the US presidential elections, a researcher can execute a simple, basic search:

  • Enter "presidential election" and "united states" in the basic search box.
  • Results are typically (depending on the institutional settings) defaulted to relevance
  • Change sort to most recent first to find interesting news perspectives on your search terms.

Advanced Search

When looking for the perspectives of particular people on issues going on in the world, an Advanced Search will help yield fine-tuned results.

  • You are tasked with finding how Brexit affects or is related to particular people such as Richard Branson (Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson) of Virgin Group
  • Enter Brexit in the first Advanced Search field selecting Anywhere except full text-ALL from the drop down menu.
  • Further down in the Advanced Search, in the Look up People field, do a look up for Branson, Richard, tick his name and Add to Search
  • Click on the general Search command in the middle of the form.
  • To refine your search, select modify search from under the search box or use the facets to the left of your results.


You're interested in seeing what types of publications are in the Global Newsstream that have to do with finance.

  • Click on the Publications link (next to the Basic Search and Advanced Search options).
  • Type finance in the Publication Search box.  The default search is for "In title".
  • Other choices for searching publications include "Title begins with", "In publication summary", or "In subject"--which will also provide a Look up link.
  • After your results are shown, you can then facet to publication type, subject, publisher, database and more.