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ProQuest OASIS: Account Login and Landing Page


To access OASIS you need a username and password, provided by Coutts Academic Support.  Usually, each OASIS user at an institution will have their own personal username and password. Shared access can be created with a generic login and password.  You can have as many or as few OASIS users as you wish.   An account will always have one Administrator.  In addition to the Administrator there are three additional basic levels of access that can be allocated to a userid for day to day functions.  All access levels are described below.

  • Administrator – The one person for each account with responsibility for Administration.
  • Ratifier – Person at the library authorized within OASIS to place orders or to download titles for ordering via EDI from the local system.  
  • Approver/Reviewer - reviews orders prior to submission to Acquisitions or the Ratifier.
  • Selector – Person responsible for the selection of books for the purpose of placing orders. A selector’s selections are often passed to a Ratifier for creation of orders, or sent to an Approver/Reviewer in a 3-tier or more workflow

OASIS Login and Landing Page

Logging into OASIS is easy.  You can access and bookmark OASIS at





Login using the USERID and PASSWORD sent to you via email from or supplied via your OASIS Administrator.


If you forgot your username and password simply click Forgot Password in the following screenshot:



When you first log into a session you will see a pop-up when there is new information regarding OASIS such as the following:



You will be presented with a couple of choices in the lower right.  One to Dismiss which will close the pop-up until new news becomes available.  The other is Hide which will simply close the pop-up during your current session.


Once you close the What’s New popup you will see the OASIS Home pageThis is where you can set your preferred landing page.


  • The Home page is always accessible from the OASIS icon in the upper left corner.  It simply confirms your level of access and gives you the opportunity to select a landing page that is more suited to your workflow needs. 
  • If you are a ‘Selector’ the ‘Ratifier’ should read ‘No’, this means your selections are sent to your ‘Ratifier’ for authorization / ordering. This example shows the user is a ‘Ratifier’.




  • To select a different opening page, simply click on the radio button next to the relevant section (i.e., Home as in the screenshot above).  

A small dot will appear. Click ‘Save’