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ProQuest OASIS: MARC Records

Downloading Firm Order MARCs

From the Authorize Orders screen or the Shopping Cart, Ratifiers can download MARC records prior to completing the order.

After selecting items to be ordered by checking them off in the left column, the options for ordering are available:

Shopping Cart Commands

Authorize Orders Commands

The download file is named and downloaded to the local PC of the Ratifier for further manipulation or upload to an ILS system or catalog.  

After selecting to download MARC records, the Ratifer will see the following warning:

MARC Download Warning

If you would to create a different MARC workflow, see MARC Download options (next).

MARC Download Options

Beyond the capability to download MARCs during the firm order process, ProQuest offers the following MARC options during the order process for OASIS users:

  • FTP MARC and Order checkout facility provides the ability to make selections from either electronic notification slips or database searches, download a MARC file into your Library Management System (LMS) and place orders in one step.
  • FTP MARC & Clear is an option if you are currently ordering through your EDI capabilities. The downloaded file can be FTP'd directly into your LMS and used to create an EDI order. Once you have confirmed the file download properly, the selections are cleared from your OASIS shopping cart or ordering list.
  • MARC Download & Order may be used if you prefer to download into a local PC or server first and to the upload the MARC file into your LMS to create acquisitions or holding records in your system at the same time as placing an order directly with ProQuest.
  • MARC Download & Clear is for those who prefer to download into a local PC or server first and to then upload the MARC file into the LMS to create acquisitions or holding records in your system before placing an order via EDI.

The downloaded MARC records have the standard tags and can be modified to suit the needs of your system. Additional local ordering data can be mapped to the 9XX fields as required.  


In order to set up these checkout types in OASIS, contact Technical services.

For customers based in North America and other non-UK locations:

For customers based in the United Kingdom and other European locations:
Keir Finnerty, EDI Support Coordinator,