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Pivot: Pivot Profiles Search Results

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Have questions regarding Pivot or need some technical support? Contact our Support Team for help.

Email us or tel. +1. 800-521-0600 ext. 74440 or +1.734-997-4440

Support hours are: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Eastern Time


In addition, the Pivot Support Pages are available at any time.

Pivot Webinars

We offer several webinars on many different topics each month. Below are links to our schedule of upcoming sessions and recordings of recent ones.

Upcoming sessions and recordings:

We also offer a series of brief video tutorials: Pivot Training Videos

Navigating your Search Results

After conducting your Profile search in Pivot you will see a list of the total number of faculty profiles that match your search criteria. If you chose the option to only 'search inside my institution,' this is the set of results you will see. Likewise, if you selected to 'search outside my institution,'  you will see the number of matches from other institutions as well. If you have selected both search options (within or outside your institution), you have the ability to modify the search results to show either set of results. Click the checkbox next to your institution name to de-select that option and only the faculty at outside institutions will display, and vice versa. Click both checkboxes if you wish to see the full complement of profiles matching your query.

Regardless of which institution option you’ve selected for your search, Pivot will always display the number of results at the top left of the page for each set of faculty from which you can modify your results to display all profiles or only those within or outside your institution.

Your search query will be displayed in the search box at the top of the page of the results page. You have the option to Refine Search, or go to the Advanced Search. On the left side of the screen you will have the option of filtering by communities. There are many ways to refine your search; click here to read more.

For each profile listed in your search results, the faculty member’s name is hyperlinked and will take you to his/her full profile in Pivot. You will also see that names of institutions and schools/departments/programs are hyperlinked when you mouse over them. Clicking on a name of an institution (i.e. “University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center”) will take you to a page showing its institutional structure. You can then click through the institution’s hierarchical components to view Scholars who are currently associated with that particular school/department/division/program. Clicking on the school/department/program under the scholar name in the results list will take you directly to that school/department/program page in Pivot and will also show you how many members that group contains, with full links to scholar profiles.

Sorting Search Results

By default your search results are sorted by relevance. Relevance is determined by a scoring algorithm that weights the fields in which the search terms are found as well as the frequency. For example, matches in a publication title receive a higher score than in the abstract. To re-sort the list alphabetically you can click on the Sort link directly next to the number of search results, click on Name, and the list will then be sorted in alphabetical order.

Individual Faculty Profiles

A faculty profile in Pivot contains extensive information about any given faculty member including:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • ISNI
  • Links to web pages
  • Uploaded CV and/or publication documents
  • Statement of Expertise
  • Summary of Publications, Grants, Patents, Honors/ Awards, Web info, Co-Author information, Colleagues, Association memberships, and Previous Affiliations
  • Communities they are listed under (used in the filtering of search results)
  • Keywords
  • Languages
  • Degrees
  • Funding Matches
  • Contact Information

Note:  Not every profile will contain all of the information described above.


Funding Matches

Every Pivot Profile also has Funding Matches. The Funding Match feature analyzes information in a profile and, based on an algorithm that looks at various areas in a profile against various areas within our funding opportunities, matches the faculty member to specific opps.  These 58 opps would be a good match for this particular faculty member, or perhaps anyone interested in similar research subjects.  


Click on the link with the number of funding matches listed to see the full list of matched opps (the name of the opp and the next deadline are displayed).  You can view each full funding opp record by clicking on the title of the opp.

Also listed in the Funding Matches section are opps that have been matched to faculty in this person’s specific department. The 91 opps below are specific to the Department of Medicine—the department to which this particular faculty member belongs.

Click here to learn more about the individual profile.