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PressReader: Web Interface

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PressReader Web Interface

Legend for PressReader Web Interface

  1. The green cup icon is an indicator that the patron is authenticated to the library’s PressReader account.  If the cup is not green, the user will be accessing PressReader in preview mode only.  They will see headlines but trying to access articles will prompt the user to login and pay for articles. 
  2. Three lines in upper left corner will open a menu to navigate throughout the PressReader interface.  NOTE:  this menu will change a bit if the user is logged in and using an individual account.
  3. The PressReader icon in the top middle of the screen will reveal a drop down menu of choices for interacting with the Home Feed such as customizing the top stories, adding different sections—such as business or sports, showing your Topics, and more.  NOTE:  this is only available if the user is logged in and using an individual account.

NOTE: When in a publication, this menu changes to show the name of the publication and a calendar for ease in reading previous issues or editions.

  1. The grid of dots offers a set of choices for interacting with the article such as switching to Page View, Listening, Translating, and Printing.  Other options are available when a user is logged into a personal account (Save to Collection, Comment, and Share).
  2. The Sign In option allows a user to immediately sign into the personal account option.  When the user is logged in, options for managing account settings, accessing My Channel, and creating New Posts.
  3. The search box provides many options for searching content within PressReader:  by tag, opinion, channel, and general keyword. 
  4. The three vertical dots in the upper right corner provide options for translating, listening, or changing the font of the Home Feed.  It is also where the Interface Language can be changed for PressReader.  NOTE:  This menu will change if on search results, an individual publication, or another screen. 
  5. The green arrow at the bottom corner of article previews will expand the article to reveal the entire text.