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ProQuest Obituaries: Results

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest Obituaries including content, searching, and viewing results.

Results Page Tips

1. Results Details

At the top of the results page, your search query will be displayed along with the number of results retrieved.

Click the Refine your search link to return to the search page with your search terms populated in the fields.

Click the view search help link to review search tips and helpful hints that will assist in modifying your search.

2. Show Matches

Use the Show matches link to refine the results, displaying only the results in which the name you searched appears as deceased's name, rather than any name appearing within an obituary.

3. Sorting and Page Navigation

The Sort by drop-down list controls the sort order of the records that appear in the results page. Sort by Deceased Name, Publication Date (oldest first) {default}, Publication Date (most recent first), Title, and Publication.

Navigate to the other pages in your set of results by selecting the page number or the next page navigation.

4. Results Information Bar

The results information bar provides column headers that display relevant details for each record, allowing you to carefully examine each record before looking at the items.

Deceased Name not only displays the deaceased's name, but provides insight into the type of record:

Obituary for multiple individuals: A result listed in this way contains not only the obituary for the individual searched, but obituaries for at least one other individual; more often these records contain obituaries for a number of other individuals and can be two or more columns long.

Single name listed: A result listed with only a name (i.e., second result listed in image to the right) is an obituary specifically regarding that individual.

Date specifies the month, day, and year of publication of the obituary. Some newspapers printed the same obituary twice, once during the week and once during the weekend, usually on Sunday.  This practice ensured adequate distribution to the readership.

Location defines the location of the publication.  On occasion a second location will be displayed (i.e., first result listed in image to the right), defining the location publication first and the location of the death or origination location of the first printing of the obituary or notice.

Publication displays the title of the publication in which the record is found. 

5. Add to Notebook

Mark records of interest using the check box to the left of each item to add it to the Notebook. At the top right of the page the Notebook tool is linked. Click Notebook to review the list of marked items and email, print, or download the list before ending the current search session.  The Notebook retains the list of marked items only during the current session. For more information about this tool, see the Researcher's Tools page of this guide.

6. View the Record 

Click the Deceased Name link for the result of interest. The page will refresh to reveal the image for the obituary within the image viewer. For more information on viewing images see the Viewing Results page of this guide.

Results Page