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Psychology Database: Sample Searches

Psychology Journals combines high impact full text from leading psychology and psychosomatic publications, with diverse sources of content including dissertations and training videos to help new students bridge theory with practice.

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Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Psychology Database

Sample Searches

Basic Search

You need to find information on whether the use of social media has an effect on behavior.  Your resources have to be from the last two years and originate from peer-reviewed journals. 

  • From the basic search box, enter: “social media” and behavior

Based on the large amount of results that are retrieved, it is a good idea to refine your results using the Narrow results by feature.

  • From the Narrow results by, refine your results:
    • Subject limit: select the subject behavior
    • Publication Date limit: select the most recent decade by clicking on the column on the left of the date widget. For additional narrowing, move the left date slider to the right to the year that gives you the range you need and click update.
    • Peer-reviewed:  By clicking on the down arrow, expand the facet called Peer reviewed and click on that choice. 
  • Sort:  If necessary, change the sort from relevance to most recent first
  • To begin reviewing your results, click on the Preview link available on each record to view the major fields of the record.
  • For additional record details, select the Abstract/Details link under each record to view the full record.
  • Mark any records that interest you to save, print, email, cite, export, save to your My Research account, or to view selected items later.

Advanced Search

You need to determine whether Alzheimer’s disease has early predictors

  1. From the advanced search page, scroll down beyond the search boxes
  2. Type in alzheimers into the Subject heading (all) box OR to verify you have a valid subject search term, click on the link to Look up subject headings (all) and perform a search for your term.  Determine which is most appropriate and include it in your search.
  3. From the Age group limiter, select child and adolescent and click search.
  4. From the results, limit to viewing results only with the subject of adolescent by expanding the Subject facet and selecting the appropriate choice.

Use the back arrow of your browser or the modify search command to alter your results further.  Or, deselect your facets to select new ones.


Using the Publications link, locate a particular publication by searching specifically or browsing the list. 

  1. Type in addic* (to reveal results on addiction, addictive, etc.) or just ad* for a list of publications with the letters “ad” in it (addiction, ADHD, etc.)
  2. Scroll down to a publication of interest to you (The ADHD Report, for example)
    • Show format availability by clicking on the link to see what issues are available in full text or Abstract/Details and any embargos that are in force.
    • Search within the publication using the basic search box or clicking on Advanced Search (searching within for therapy)
    • Create an alert so you can be notified when there are new articles on this search within this publication.  From the save search/alert link on the right, choose to send yourself an email of this search or create an RSS feed. 

NOTE:  alerts and RSS feeds can be created in the basic and advanced search as well.