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Congressional Basic: Searching Congressional Basic

For users of the Congressional Basic subscription service.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search form

Use the ADVANCED search form to search using keywords in the METADATA (all fields except full-text) across all publication types to see what kinds of materials are available. Using the All fields except full text default option will return targeted results, finding records in which the search term represents a main theme. In cases where full text is available, the results record will link directly to the full text. Use the various drop-down lists and Search Within options to narrow your search. Select the All fields including full text option from the drop-down lists to include full-text in your search.

You can also search your text in the full-text or a specific field using the pull down, or check the index (click on the hyperlinked text, circled) to see if there are subject terms, committees, etc., for a more precise search.

The idea behind having multiple search fields is that you can use them in tandem to build very powerful searches. For example, you could build a search that looks for different phrases in different parts of a document (e.g., human rights in full text and Korea in the title). Or, you could build a search that looks for one phrase, but excludes all results that include another term.

Searching by number

Search by numberThis screen allows users to find by document number or citation:

  • Congressional Publications and publications RELATED to a Bill Number, Public Law Number, Statute at Large Citation or US Code section.
  • Legislative Histories related to a citation
  • Bill Tracking profiles
  • Bills (Full Text where available)
  • Floor Votes
  • Public Laws
  • US Code

On the tab labeled: "Bibliographic Citations" users can find documents by:

  • Publication number, such as a report number e.g. H.Rpt. 108 34
  • SuDoc number or CIS accession number

On the tab labeled Congressional Record Daily Citations, users can find documents

  • Congressional Record by date or page

Results Display

After clicking on the search button, the results appear.


Results can then be viewed and filtered by the availability of full-text, the date, Congress, document type, committee source, agency source, and subject, allowing you to include or exclude different criteria.


At the top of the screen there is a search box with a checkbox to allow you to search within the full-text and abstracts of your search results, and you can see your search terms and the "Modify Search" link.

From the result list for each entry you can see:

  • Citation (the CIS Number or microfiche number)
  • Date records was added to index
  • Source
  • Document Type
  • Brief Notation of Content from the abstract
  • Link to the Abstract and Full-Text (if available)
  • Permanent URL

The documents

Document view



The document information (sometimes called metadata) has the information about the volume of the series, the document date, report number, as well as the legislative triad that the document relates to (the bill number, public law number,and Statutes at Large citation).


At the bottom of the record you see the subject terms assigned to the document.


Click on the link to view the document text from GPO, where available online.


On the right side of the page, you can link to Related News articles from any ProQuest news databases, both historical and current, that your institution has access too.