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The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies: Ser.2, Prisoners of War & State

Publications from the Congressional Serial Set

About Series 2

Correspondence, orders, reports and returns, Union and Confederate, relating to Prisoners of War and (so far as the military authorities were concerned) to state or political prisoners.

Rebellion Records, general index.

General index to the entire work (except for the Naval Records) with all appendix containing additions and corrections of errors discovered in the several volumes after their publication. It also includes "Special Compilations" containing (1) a synopsis of the contents of volumes; (2) a special index for the principal armies, army corps, military divisions and departments; and (3) a table showing volumes pertaining to contemporaneous operations.


The index refers the user to specific volumes.  It is then necessary to consult the index at the back of the volume for pages etc.

The index has been included on each of the tabs for easy use.

Series 2, Prisoners Of War And State (Volume 1)

Volume I, [Serial No. 114] - The Texas Surrender, Feb.5-Nov. 1,1861; Earlier captures and arrests, and measures of pacification in Missouri, Mar. 13, 1861-Jan. 12, 1862; Union Policy of repression in Maryland, Apr. 20, 1861-Nov. 29, 1862; Military treatment of captured and fugitive slaves, Mar. 18, 1861-May 19, 1862; Confederate policy of repression in East Tennessee, May 26, 1861-Apr. 21, 1862.

Series 2, Prisoners Of War And State (Volumes 2-8)