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General information about SIPX

Getting started using ProQuest SIPX is fast and easy. When you contact SIPX, we work with you to understand your needs and create an approach that makes sense and gets immediate benefits returned to you and our institution as quickly as possible.

Contact Us

You can reach us every day at or visit our website for more information about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

SIPX provides a faster and easier way to create digital course reading lists by bringing together a wide variety of content data, pricing, copyright information and library holdings in one spot. In doing so, SIPX reduces students’ costs while maintaining instructor choice and flexibility.

  • 20%-35% savings for students on purchased course materials by recognizing library-subscribed content and eliminating redundant payments on copyright royalties.
  • 60%-85% library budget savings from paying only actual pay-per-user transactions vs. forecasted enrollment usage.
  • Significant increase in staff productivity by freeing up effort and time in managing permissions.
  • Valuable insight from analytics to support improved decision-making and budget management at all levels.
  • Reduced liability from unintentional misuse of copyrighted material.
  • Easy, intuitive connections for faculty and students in their everyday course material platforms and workflows

For Academic Institutions

SIPX is available in several academic offerings, to align with how instructors at a school already deliver course materials to students and to complement the existing workflows and infrastructure of that school. SIPX can also help a school or library easily expand their support further into new ways of teaching and learning instructors might want to explore.

Here are the different ways schools can use SIPX’s flexible technology, which can be opened to faculty campus-wide or mediated through a campus team like the library or bookstore.  Schools can start with one use case and as tangible benefits start to accrue, expand the use of SIPX across campus.

  • Integrated into Learning Management Systems
  • Library Course Reserves
  • Bookstores, Copyshops and Textbook Adoption Platforms
  • Distance Education and Online Learning
  • Continuing Studies Programs (with mixed and non-matriculation students)
  • MOOCs with massive open student enrollments and global reach

SIPX highlights library resources to instructors when they're building their reading lists and when the instructor chooses to use a library resource, SIPX demonstrates that savings to students.

Library resources highlighted in instructor search results


Be recognized when access to a course reading comes from library-purchased subscriptions