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SIPX: SIPX for Instructors

General information about SIPX

Introduction to SIPX

SIPX supports your choices and values your time! With SIPX, you can use the readings you want to use for your courses while bringing additional flexibility and savings to your students. SIPX provides data on student engagement so you can adjust your reading list to better match student and pedagogical needs. Set up SIPX for your course once and re-use your readings next term with just a few clicks.

Prepare to use SIPX

To get set up as quickly as possible there are some things you can do to prepare before you even login. First, build your reading list - use library resources, previous syllabi, or consult with colleagues to determine the desired content for your class. Make a list of those citations and get copies of the documents in electronic (i.e PDF) form organized on your computer. Next, make sure your school's learning management administrators have set up your course site. Don't use a course site? SIPX can be used as a standalone system. Contact your local SIPX administrator for additional information. Finally, consider Fair Use. Every institution develops its own policies to help you determine whether your use of any of those readings you've compiled are considered fair use. Only you can decide that using your own institutional policies. SIPX cannot tell you if something is considered fair use. If you decide your use of a reading is fair use, you won't post that reading into SIPX; instead, you'll post it directly to your course site.

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Using SIPX

Once you're ready to start building your reading list inside SIPX, you'll start in your course site. Depending on which platform you use SIPX will be accessed differently. Consult the help documents to the right for your platform type.

As you build your reading list in SIPX you'll see the price for each item. Many reading items you want to use may be free because of subscriptions already purchased by your library. Others may require payment and you'll see the price listed for each student to use that reading. The cost may be paid by your students or borne by the institution depending on how SIPX has been set up. Consult your local SIPX administrator for details on how they've configured SIPX for payment.

In cases where students are going to pay for the readings, they'll use a shopping cart to create a list of readings they want to buy and pay for them through SIPX. Students can elect to buy all the readings in your reading list at one time, or pick and choose just what they need right now. This flexibility gives them options for stretching their tight student budgets across the term. And since you may also have chosen to use free library, open access or open educational resources, they'll see a price comparison - what it would have cost them and their actual $0 price - making you a hero for helping them save money in your class.

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Looking for help using SIPX?

SIPX help is available on the site once you're logged in. Click on the "person" icon then on Help. Using the support form there helps us gather as much information as possible and track your questions for future updates. If you cannot login to use the form email for assistance.

Check our FAQ first - we may have already answered your question!

Help Documentation

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