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Supreme Court Nominations and Background

About this Guide

This guide contains links to information on the nomination process to the Supreme Court, information about any current nominees, and links to confirmation hearings.  

About this page

Only those nominees for whom hearings were held are listed here.  For most nominees prior to 1916, no hearings were held.  The CRS report "Supreme Court Nominations, 1789 to the Present: Actions by the Senate, the Judiciary Committee, and the President" dated 12/7/ 2012 was used to confirm the information.

The links in this guide should work for institutions owning the digital hearings.  Institutions with Congressional Basic and the historic indexes may want use the following search:  start on the Advanced Search page, select only Hearings from the doc type on the left, and use this syntax: "supreme court" and (nominat* or confirm*) 

This will bring back some hits for nominees to state supreme courts and federal courts, but put the search in chronological order, and you should be able to easily browse to find the nominations. [This text contains a bookmark to the search so will take you to the search page with all of the correct items selected/input.  You only need to hit the search key.]

Alternatively, search on the candidates name (in all fields including full text) for hearings just on that nominee.

Nomination Hearings: 2010-2019

Nomination Hearings: 1940-1949

Nomination Hearings: 1930-1939

Nomination Hearings: 1920-1929

Nomination Hearings: 1910-1919

Nomination of Louis D. Brandeis

Nomination Hearings: 1870-1879