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Terms of Use: Terms of Use for our LibGuides

How to use the ProQuest LibGuides

Terms of Use for the ProQuest LibGuides

We are happy to have you use the ProQuest LibGuides!    

In our LibGuides, we're trying to share information about searching the databases, and about the content in the various products. Please link to them, copy them, forward information about them to your colleagues - whatever allows you to do your job more effectively.   You don't need to check with us before you do this. 

We will do our best to keep these up-to-date, but if you notice something you think is wrong, please let us know (the link "Report a problem" in our guide footer is used just for LibGuides problems).  We want it to be correct, too.


How Can I Best Use the Guides?

You are welcome to link to our guides or to copy them (we use v.2 of Libguides).  Springshare has a Guide FAQ that shows you how to copy guides and we show and example from our site on this page.   There are positives and negatives for each approach:  

Copying a guide  allows you to customize the content for your users.  Copying also means that you need to remember to check back periodically to see if the information has been updated.  One quick way to handle this might be to put a link down in the corner of the guide with a note to click on the link for any updates. 

Linking to a guide means that you can't customize the content for your users.  However, you aren't responsible for updating the material. 

Choose the approach that works for you.

Caveats for those wanting to copy our guides: 

  • We use CMS v.2, so if your site is still in v.1 you won't be able to copy it using the instructions below.  
  • Our guides at are part of the US cluster (hosted by Springshare).  Springshare has moved sites to server clusters on other continents.