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Enhanced Video Interface is Here!

Alexander Street/ProQuest just launched a new, easy-to-use video interface! 
Same extraordinary content. New simplified user design.  With the new interface, users can expect...

  • A Video-Only Focus
  • A New Cinematic Visual Experience
  • Innovative Searching and Recommendation

If you have Alexander Street Video content currently, there is a red banner showing how you can get to the new experience.  Otherwise, preview using the link below.

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Ethnographic Video Online is the most comprehensive resource for visual anthropology in the world, providing access to more than 2,000 hours of film and always growing, from raw field footage to crafted ethnographies and documentaries

This collection brings irreplaceable primary source films, which depict the richness of human culture, behavior and diversity around the world, together in one place. It is also a resource for a study of the discipline itself: By placing examples of traditional ethnographic methodologies alongside indigenous-made films representing previously overlooked perspectives, scholars, teachers and students of anthropology can gain a sense of the discipline’s history and of its future direction.

image from volume 1 Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume I lays the foundation for the study of anthropology, from the earliest days of film and recording equipment in the field. Content includes the most studied films in the classroom, including John Marshall’s !Kung Bushman series, ethnographic footage of the Yanomamo from Timothy Asch, and interviews with Jean Rouch and Alan Lomax. Volume 1 is a resource for early anthropological film to be viewed, understood and critiqued within its historical context.

image from volume 2Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume II highlights a selection of contemporary ethnographic film and documentaries, exploring global issues such as environmental degradation and climate change, refugee migration, and endangered languages.

image from volume 3Ethnographic Video Online: Volume III, Indigenous Voices 

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume III contains a strong emphasis on indigenous issues and perspectives, with much content made by indigenous filmmakers. Launching with nearly 100 hours of content and footage from the Oceanic regions of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, the collection will continue to expand with films from Australia, the Americas, Africa and Asia, encouraging a global perspective on the indigenous experience.

image from volume 4Ethnographic Video Online, Volume IV:

Ethnographic Video Online: Volume IV is curated around the concept that anthropological research develops across generations. Just as Margaret Mead learned from Ruth Benedict and Timothy Asch learned from Margaret Mead, today’s generation of visual ethnographers continues to build on the work of their predecessors. Volume IV has been curated to bring the most contemporary titles from the field to the classroom, including content from ethnographic film festivals and the leading academic programs in visual anthropology around the world.