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Linking and Embedding Best Practices

There are multiple ways to share and embed content from Alexander Street.

To see the options, click the Share tab at the top of a video. This will provide Permalink or Embed Code text that you can copy and paste. For these two options to work off-campus, you might need to add proxy information to the links. Contact Support for help with this. There is a third option (LTI), if you would rather not add proxy information. Share Permalink or Embed Code

Alexander Street supports standard linking to content using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) launch URLs. With LTI your instructors can more easily embed links to content and users can access the content using their credentials on the learning management system.

With LTI there is no need to add proxy prefixes to the content page request and no need for the user to sign into the proxy. Simply use a provided LTI launch URL and paste it into the course page on your LMS. Note: You might need the assistance of your local IT or instructional design team to set this up the first time. 

To retrieve the LTI launch URL, click the Share tab, choose Copy Permalink, and then Embed via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

Permalink or LTI

See links below for additional instructions and best practices.