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Asian Film Online

Video Tools

Video Player


When the video player launches, you will experience the video in a cinematic view.

From left to right and, below the video progress bar the controls include the length of video in hours and minutes, volume control, play/pause, closed caption, settings, video information and full screen option.

The left and right arrow beside the play button move to the previous or next video.  To advance the current video, use the video progress bar to slide forward or back.

Also available is the ability cite the video using copy/paste in APA, MLA, Chicago, or full citation.  Searching the transcript box will reduce the size of the video and open the transcript on the right side of the screen. 

The thumbnail images to additional video content at the bottom will collapse after a few seconds of viewing, offering an even larger video viewing experience.

Video Navigation Tabs

Video Player Menu


The top of the video player allows the viewer to navigate through the various menu options such as Transcript, Details, Clips, Share, and Cite. 

The diagonal arrow pointing down and to the right indicates that two of these options (transcript and citing) are able to be launched from the bottom right commands.