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Border and Migration Studies Online: Support for Faculty and Librarians

Support for Faculty and Librarians

Support for Faculty and Librarians

Alexander street provides Website Resources and Video Webexes to help empower library staff and faculty. 

With Border and Migration Studies Online, students and researchers can utilize primary and secondary sources to study borders and migrations through interdisciplinary,comparative, and cross-national perspectives. 

For example, users can:

• Examine events through the interactions of personal documents (firsthand accounts) and institutional      sources (from governments and organizations). 
• Compare events related to the walls in Berlin, Israel/Palestine, and U.S./Mexico. 
• Evaluate colonial responses to a range of conflicts. 
• Examine policies towards control in different settings. 
• Research the history of U.S./Mexico relations, Turkey’s evolution, and Latin American borders. 
• Explore the situations of refugees in Europe during WWII and comp

Support for Faculty and Librarians

Website Resources: 

Alexander Street Resource Center
Admin Portal Link
  • Admin Portal  Collections can be managed on a title basis.  Also access to usage statistics, MARC records and user engagement metrics.


Video Demos

Video Overviews and Support:

Why use visuals
  • Why Use Visuals  importance of incorporating visual resources into presentations and research.
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