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Documentary Education Resources: Home

Documentary Educational Resources (DER) is the premier source for classic and contemporary ethnographic films, which explore modern cultural struggles and artistic traditions and offer a longitudinal view of changing communities, cultures and identities. DER films are essential to the undergraduate classroom, as they illustrate key concepts, promote critical thinking skills, and generate discussion in cross-disciplinary settings, including anthropology, cultural studies, indigenous studies, history, media and film studies.

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An American Mosque

Featured Content - An American Mosque

Members of the Muslim community in Yuba City, California speak openly about the criminal act that resulted in the burning of the Islamic Center to the ground.

Dead Birds

Featured Title - Dead Birds

Follows the life of a group of Grand Valley Dani, who are mountain Papuans in West New Guinea (Irian Barat, Indonesia), following them through the events of Dani life: sweet potato horticulture, pig keeping, salt winning, battles, raids, and ceremonies. 

Framing the Other

Featured Title - Framing The Other

Framing the Other portrays the complex relationship between tourism and indigenous communities by revealing the intimate and intriguing thoughts of a Mursi woman from Southern Ethiopia and a Dutch tourist as they prepare to meet.  The film outlines the destructive impact tourism has on traditional communities.

N!ai: Story of a !Kung Woman

Featured Title - N!ai: Story of a !Kung Woman

This film provides a broad overview of Ju/'hoan life, both past and present, and an intimate portrait of N!ai, a Ju/'hoan woman who in 1978 was in her mid-thirties.

Root Hog or Die

Featured Title - Root Hog or Die

Filmed in 1973 in hilltowns across Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont, it follows the cycle of the farming year from spring to winter and a rapidly vanishing way of life.

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