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Education Magazine Archive: About

Subject Coverage

  • Arts education
  • Curriculum
  • Drama teaching
  • Early years teaching
  • Educational leadership
  • Educational resources
  • English language teaching
  • Faith schools
  • Female educators
  • Higher education
  • History of education
  • Independent schools
  • Mathematics teaching
  • School librarianship
  • Special needs education
  • Teaching unions
  • Technology/Engineering teaching
  • Vocational education
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American Teacher Cover
American Vocational Journal Cover
Education Digest cover
Exceptional Parent cover
High School Thespian cover
School Library Journal cover
Teaching PRe K-8 cover

What is the Education Magazine Archive

Education Magazine Archive comprises archival runs* of 26 major 20th/21st-century magazines relating to many different aspects of education. Rather than scholarly journal content, the collection will comprise publications originally aimed at teachers and other education professionals, providing primary source insights into the history of education during this period.

Each title has a deep backfile, with the earliest content dating from 1910. The publications here cover a wide range of educational topics, from general titles (e.g. American Teacher), to subject-specific publications (e.g. Mathematics Teaching, Technology and Engineering Teacher), titles aimed at educational leaders (English Leadership Quarterly), and material devoted to women and ethnic minorities in education (Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, Black Collegian). Many educational sectors and levels are represented from early years teaching (e.g. Teaching K-8) to higher education (Higher Education Management and Policy), from vocational education (Techniques) to independent schools (Conference & Common Room), and distance learning (Mailbox Teacher).

As well as very strong US content, there are several key titles published outside the US. Notably, the leading UK trade publications for general and higher education – Times Educational Supplement and Times Higher Education – are included here.

On completion the collection will offer approximately 850,000 pages, scanned in full color.

* Our policy is to include every issue in full, from the first to the end of the 2015 publication year. Due to the rarity of some of the original print volumes, however, there small gaps (issues or pages) for some publications.


Title (Country of Publication) Coverage
Access (Australia) 1987-2015
American Teacher  (United States) 1912-2015
Arts and Activities ( (United States) 1932-2015
Australian Educator  (Australia) 1982-2015
Black Collegian  (United States) 1970-2011
Conference & Common Room (United Kingdom) 1964-2015
Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin  (United States) 1934-2015
Dramatics (United States) 1929-2015
Education (Ireland) 1980-2015
Education Digest  (United States) 1935-2015
Education Week  (United States) 1981-2015
English Leadership Quarterly  (United States) 1972-2015
Exceptional Parent  (United States) 1971-2010
Higher Education Management and Policy (France) 1977-2015
Mailbox Teacher  (United States) 1972-1999
Mathematics Teaching (United Kingdom) 1955-2015
Media and Methods (United States) 1964-2006
Momentum (United States) 1970-2015
Prep School (United Kingdom) 1988-2015
Quill & Scroll (United States) 1926-2015
School Library Journal (United States) 1954-2015
Teaching Pre K - 8 (United States) 1971-2008
Techniques (United States) 1926-2016
Technology and Engineering Teacher (United States) 1939-2015
Times Educational Supplement (United Kingdom) 1910-2015
Times Higher Education (United Kingdom) 1971-2015

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