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Fold3 Library Edition: Results

Fold3 Library Edition by Ancestry provides convenient access to a growing collection of US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served. It contains millions of records from world-class archives.

View Images

Being able to explore an image or document in close detail is important to researchers and history buffs alike.

The Viewer is a powerful tool that lets you view images found on Fold3 and those uploaded by all Members.

The Fold3 Image Viewer requires the latest version of Flash to provide the best viewing experience

Printing from Fold3

When you find something on Fold3 that you would like to have a copy of you can print the image directly from the viewer or you can download the image and save a digital copy.

Printing from the viewer

To print from the Viewer, click on the Print button in the toolbar.

A printout will show the entire image and include the date printed and a URL so you can easily find the document again.

Downloading from Fold3

To download a copy of the image:

  1. Click the Download button in the viewer's tool bar.
  2. Choose what part of the image to download.
  3. Choose where you want to save the file.
  4. If needed, change the filename but keep the ".jpg" at the end.
  5. Click Save.

Adding a Watch

You'll find a Watch button on pages you can watch. Look for them on Images, Spotlights, Memorial Pages, Titles, Search results pages, and Member Profiles.

Just click the button to add a watch for that item. Once you've added a watch for something, the Watch button becomes an "Unwatch" button. Clicking this will remove the watch.

Results Page

The Search Results page displays matches with the index information, a preview of the image and a list of annotations and other additions to the image.

Where the image has been indexed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the Search Results page highlights hits on the page and shows a zoomed image of those words. Placing the cursor over another highlighted hit in the preview image will display a detailed image of that word.

From the Search Results page you can refine your search using the categories on the left or adding keywords.

Fold3 ResultsFold3 Results




Annotate Images

Annotations make documents and images easier to find. Labeling people or things in a picture makes them searchable and easier to locate on the image.

Creating an Annotation

  1. While viewing an image, click the Annotate button in the Viewer's toolbar.
  2. Drag the handles on the selection box around the part of the image you want to annotate.
  3. Choose type of annotation (Person, Place, Date or Other) you are adding.
  4. Type what you see and click Save.

Leave a comment

Comments are an easy way to add your thoughts to a conversation.

Comments can be added to:

  • Images in the Viewer
  • Memorial Pages
  • Spotlights

On Memorial Pages it is common to add comments to your own pages as a way to include extra details about the story you have written.

What makes a good comment?

  • It starts interesting discussions.
  • It provides helpful tips, information or suggestions.
  • It is specific and constructive in its criticism.
  • It is respectful and encourages more discussion.

Watches & Notifications

You can watch interesting things you find on Fold3 and we'll notify you when they are updated.

For example, if you find an image that includes people or things you are researching, you can watch that image. When someone adds an annotation, a comment or a connection, we'll send you an email to let you know.

You can even use watches to find out when we add new content to a particular title, or when we add new images matching searches you have tried.