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North American Indian Thought and Culture: Searching

Searching North American Indian Thought and Culture

The Search/Navigation bar is on the left side of the homepage.  Information about each of the links is detailed below.

top of the search formThe top of the bar provides a link to the Alexander Street homepage (  where users can learn about different products.

The About link takes users to a page with information about this product.

The Guides link takes users to different search examples. 


Browse Options

The next set of options are the Browse options. This is divided into eleven separate categories, all of which provide quick access to specific documents within the database.

Options include: 

All Works- a list of all volumes and web collections in the database.  Works can be sorted using options like title, publication year etc.  
Individuals - a list of every person named as an author, subject, or participating in an historical event.
Peoples - a list of all peoples discussed in the database, with all documents, individuals, and historical events pertaining to each group; peoples are organized by linguistic group or geographic area.
Places - documents organized by geographic subject, where they are written, and historical events organized by where they took place.
Environment - a list of Flora, Fauna, Geophysical Features and Natural Phenomena, with all documents pertaining to each.
Events - major historical events described by documents in the database, organized by date or title.ubjects- this is a selective list of key subjects and the documents in which you will find them.
Documents - this is a complete list of all documents included in the database, organized by type, author, year written, subject, or title.
Year- a chronology of key events.
Audio/Video - a list of documents in audio or video format, organized by title.
Images - a list of all images contained in the database, with a thumbnail of each image.
Subjects - this is a selective list of key subjects and the documents in which you will find them.


Search Options

At the bottom of the Search/Navigation bar are the Search options.   Search options - bottom of the form

The first option is for Quick Search.  Key in your search term and click the Go button for your results.

Underneath the Quick Search box are the Advanced Search options.  Click on the link to Individuals, Documents, Works, Peoples to use the Advanced Search form for that search type.

Finally, there is a link to Help.