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Middle East and Africa Database: Sample Searches

Search Middle East and Africa Database

Links to Middle East and Africa Database

Please note that the links below will only work if you are authenticated to Middle East and Africa Database. For alternative methods of authentication and links to Middle East and Africa Database please see the documents in the Additional Materials page.

Sample Searches

Basic Search

You want to find articles on the environmental impact of global warming.

  • Type global warming AND environmental impact into the Basic Search box or use the widget on the left.  

Note: The widget will only work if you are already authenticated to your organization’s MEA account. If it does not work, please login through your organization’s library to access MEA directly. If you have questions about accessing your ProQuest databases, please contact your local librarian.

  • Based on the large amount of results that are retrieved, it is a good idea to refine your results using the Narrow results by feature.
  • From the Narrow results by, go to the Publication Date limit and adjust the date range by dragging the handle over to view results from 2014 - current.
  • Go to the top of the results page to the Sort results by pull-down menu (just above the Narrow results by) and re-sort your items by Publication Date (most recent first) and click Sort.
  • To begin reviewing your results, hover over the Preview link available on each record to view the major fields of the record.
  • For additional record details, select the Citation/Abstract link under each record to view the full record.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your results (you may think that you have too many or too few results or could be more specific), consider using "Other searches to try" at the bottom of your results page to run a new search using subjects related to your current search. From the list, select Global Warming AND Environmental Impact .

Note: When you select a search subject, it removes any of your previous limits (such as the date limit we selected earlier for 2014 – 2018). You now have a smaller set of relevant results because each record appearing in the results has been indexed and classified with the relevant subjects (Environmental impact AND Global Warming) appearing in each record under the subject field (whereas before the terms simply had to appear somewhere in the results).

Advanced Search

​You want to find articles about Peace in Middle East

  1. Go to advanced search
  2. In the first row write Middle East and select LOC (location) as your search field
  3. In the next row select the operator "and" and then write Peace
  4. In the results page, you can filter by document type, you will see 87 articles you can filter
  5. You can also filter by subjects, where you will see 38 under subject Peace that you can filter further, for example  using the publication date to retrieve the most recent.


You would like to browse all the publications in French:

  1. Go to Publications Search
  2. In the "Narrow publications list" menu select "French" in the language filter
  3. You will see that there are 8 publications in French Language

You would like to browse volume 16, published in 2015 of the journal The Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics

  1. Go to Publications Search
  2. In the search box, write "The Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics" and select "In title"
  3. Click on the journal title
  4. Scroll down to "Browse specific issues" and select 2015. Click on the desired volume to browse it.