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ProQuest One Literature

Full Text Journals

ProQuest One Literature includes 1,200 literary journals, bulletins, reviews and interdisciplinary publications offer contemporary criticism.

You can browse journals by selecting Scholarly Journals on the Publications tab.

Criticism (Full Text Journals)

Full Text Journals

Contemporary criticism is available through the full text of over 425 literature journals—75% of which are peer reviewed—with more than 450,000 full-text articles.

Literature Online contains a dynamic electronic library of academic journals from the field of literary and cultural studies. The full contents of each issue are included, and are fully searchable by keyword, phrase, author, subject and other data fields. In order to allow full searchability, including the display of hit markers, we allow users to view the ASCII text version of each article; however, in most cases the page image in PDF format is also available, so that users can view the article exactly as it appears in print form.

The Search Criticism page allows integrated searching of the full-text journals together with bibliographic records from ABELL. Articles and book reviews from journals are mapped to their corresponding ABELL records.

The library of journals grows with every monthly update of Literature Online, as we add current issues of existing journals. We also aim to continue identifying and licensing further titles that would be of interest to our users and adding them to the service. Our editorial policy is to include titles from the full range of literary and cultural studies, including critical theory, interdisciplinary studies, film studies, theatre studies, stylistics and pedagogy in addition to more traditional forms of literary scholarship. The journals collection also includes a number of titles that publish a high proportion of literary works by contemporary authors: in fact, with over 23,000 poems and short stories, it forms one of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary literature available online. To make this content more readily accessible, these literary works can now be accessed from Authors and Texts searches: from your search results, follow the link to Literary Works in Journals to find poems, short stories, essays and lectures by literary authors such as John Ashbery, Billy Collins, Jonathan Franzen, Joy Harjo, Seamus Heaney and Louise Glück.