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ProQuest One Literature

Video and Audio

ProQuest One Literature includes 1,300 videos and 1,000 audio tracks of performances and author interviews.

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Video and Audio Resources

  • Poets On Screen [879 clips]
  • Shakespeare Audio Plays [38 plays]
  • Poetry Archive Audio [921 poems]

Poets on Screen

Poets on Screen is a groundbreaking video collection specially commissioned for inclusion in Literature Online and produced in collaboration with some of the foremost poets living and working in the English-speaking world today.

The collection contains nearly 900 filmed readings by contemporary poets of both contemporary and classic poems, and provides a unique opportunity to hear and see major authors interpreting their own works and the works of their contemporaries and predecessors. The recordings have been made at a variety of public readings or directly to camera; together they capture and preserve the full diversity of the contemporary poetic scene. Many readings are accompanied by introductory passages in which the poet discusses his or her own work or the work of an admired predecessor.

Highlights of the Poets on Screen library include Jayne Cortez's performance of 'I See Chano Pozo', Blake Morrison discussing his poem 'Pendle Witches', Imtiaz Dharker reading Browning's 'My Last Duchess', Jerome Rothenberg reading and discussing eleven of his own poems, including 'At Tsukiji Market, Tokyo', and Fleur Adcock reading from her own verse and from a selection of works by Donne, Marvell, Coleridge and Edward Thomas.

Shakespeare Audio Plays

The complete Arkangel Shakespeare contains fully dramatized unabridged recordings of all of Shakespeare’s 38 plays. Each play is recorded by noted actors, many of whom were trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company, such as Simon Russell Beale, Joseph Fiennes, David Tennant, Niamh Cusack and Sir John Gielgud and includes sound effects and music to bring the plays further to life.

From the William Shakespeare Author's page the audio plays can be easily reached from the related special section Related Audio.

From the Publications section you can select the Audio and Video Works under the Source Type narrow Filter on the left, then you select the third type, Shakespeare Audio. Under the 2003 issue year you'll obtain the alphabetical list by title.

Clicking on the title of a play will bring you to the individual audio play’s page from which you will be able to view and select individual scenes to access. Though the audio recordings were not created using any of the editions available in Full Text, the 19th Century Cambridge University Press edition is the closest textually to the modern edition used.

View complete cast and production details for all recordings.

Poetry Archive Audio

The Poetry Archive is an independent organization founded by the former British poet laureate, Andrew Motion, who was concerned that high quality audio recordings of contemporary poets reading their own works were not being produced and that consequently an important resource was being lost for posterity. The Poetry Archive was thus established to create recordings of important contemporary poets based on the belief that such readings are a powerful source of insight, understanding and enjoyment. As well as creating brand new recordings, the Archive also gathers together and preserves historic and hard to find recordings of long dead poets. So, The Poetry Archive enables listeners to hear the works of contemporary poets such as Billy Collins, Carol Ann Duffy and Michael Longley alongside historic recordings of Edmund Blunden, E.E. Cummings, Sylvia Plath and many more.

We have added over 920 links to Poetry Archive recordings with links for featured poets appearing on their Author Page as well as under the Audio and Video Works Source Type in the Publications section. Clips are listed alphabetically, by author, and will open in a new browser tab or window.

Shakespeare Audio Plays

Shakespeare Audio Plays: Cast List

The Arkangel series of Shakespeare’s plays presents all 38 of the Bard’s works in fully dramatized recordings featuring many noted Royal Shakespeare Company actors. Presented below is a full cast list for each of the plays. Scroll through the alphabetically arranged list to find the details of each play.

The production team involved in each recording was:
Director - Clive Brill
Composer - Dominique Le Gendre
Production Coordinators - Polly Coles and Charlotte Harvey
Sound Engineer - Wilfredo Acosta
Producers - Bill Shepherd and Tom Treadwell

Title Cast List
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bottom – Roy Hudd
Hermia – Amanda Root
Helena – Saskia Wickham
Lysander – Rupert Penry-Jones
Demetrius – Clarence Smith
Puck – Richard McCabe
Oberon – David Harewood
Titania – Adjoa Andoh
Quince – Richard Cordery
Snout – John Hollis
Flute – Alex Lowe
Starveling – Sidney Livingstone
Snug – John Dallimore
Theseus – Paul Shelley
Hippolyta – Sophie Heyman
Fairy – Aicha Kossoko
All’s Well That Ends Well The King of France – Clive Swift
Helena – Emily Woolf
Bertram – Sam West
Countess – Maggie Steed
Parolles – Edward de Souza
Lafew – Denys Hawthorne
Lavatch – Aden Gillett
Interpreter – Nicholas Murchie
First French Lord – John Warnaby
Second French Lord – Michael Higgs
Widow – Jenny Howe
Diana – Rebecca Saire
Duke of Florence – Gavin Muir
Mariana – Charlotte Harvey
Messenger – Scott Cherry
Antony and Cleopatra Mark Antony – Ciaran Hinds
Cleopatra – Estelle Kohler
Domitius Enobarbus – David Burke
Octavius Caesar – Ian Hughes
Charmian – Eve Matheson
Iras – Emma Gregory
Lepidus – Trevor Martin
Pompey – Charles Simpson
Octavia – Tracy-Ann Oberman
Eros – John McAndrew
Philo – Steve Hodson
Soothsayer – Arthur Cox
Menecrates – Michael N. Harbour
Menas – Jonathan Tafler
Scarus – Mark Bonnar
Diomedes – Will Keen
Cleopatra’s Messenger – Gary Bakewell
Alexas – Richard Durden
Mardian – Christopher Luscombe
Other parts played by – David Bannerman, Sean Baker, Philip Bretherton, Anthony Jackson, Martin Marquez, Nicholas Murchie, Alisdair Simpson and Stephen Thorne.
As You Like It Rosalind – Niamh Cusack
Orlando – Stephen Mangan
Jaques – Gerard Murphy
Touchstone – Clarence Smith
Celia – Victoria Hamilton
Silvius – Ian Pepperell
Phebe – Carolyn Backhouse
Duke Senior – Philip Voss
Duke Frederick – Hugh Ross
Oliver – Jonathan Tafler
Audrey – Sarah-Jane Holm
Adam – John Hollis
Amiens – Chook Sibtain
Le Beau – Sean Baker
Corin – Raymond Bowers
Charles the Wrestler – Matthew Morgan
Lord – Mark Lambert
Jaques de Boys – Duncan Bell
The Comedy of Errors Antipholus of Syracuse – David Tennant
Antipholus of Ephesus – Brendan Coyle
Dromio of Syracuse – Alan Cox
Dromio of Ephesus – Jason O’Mara
Adriana – Niamh Cusack
Luciana – Sorcha Cusack
Egeon – Trevor Peacock
Duke of Ephesus – Dermot Crowley
Abbess – Helen Ryan
Courtesan – Pauline McLynn
Angelo – Lloyd Hutchinson
First Merchant – Robert Donovan
Second Merchant – Robert Patterson
Balthazar – Tom Farrelly
Luce – Donna Ansley
Coriolanus Coriolanus – Paul Jesson
Menenius – Ewan Hooper
Volumnia – Marjorie Yates
Brutus – Steve Hawthorne
Sicinius – Denys Hawthorne
Aufidius – Martin Marquez
Cominius – Michael N. Harbour
Titus Lartius – Anthony Jackson
Valeria – Shirley Dixon
Virgilia – Sarah Woodward
First Senator – Trevor Martin
Second Senator – Jamie Glover
First Citizen – Michael Higgs
Second Citizen – Jonathan Tafler
Corioles Messenger – Mark Bonnar
Corioles – Philip Bretherton
First Soldier – Christopher Luscombe
Young Marcius – Freddie Norton
Cymbeline Cymbeline – Jack Shepherd
Imogen – Sophie Thompson
Posthumus – Ben Porter
Belarius – Stephen Moore
Iachimo – Ron Cook
Cloten – Stephen Mangan
Queen – Suzanne Bertish
Arviragus – Ian Hughes
Guiderius – Will Keen
Pisanio – James Greene
Philario – Charlie Woods
Soothsayer – Max Bonamy
Senator – Rupert Mason
Lady – Annabel Capper
Messenger – James Reynard
Jailer – Julius Barnett
Hamlet Hamlet – Simon Russell Beale
Ophelia – Imogen Stubbs
Gertrude – Jane Lapotaire
Claudius – Bob Peck
Polonius – Norman Rodway
Ghost/Gravedigger – Paul Jesson
Horatio – Alan Cox
Laertes – Damian Lewis
Rosencrantz – John McAndrew
Guildenstern – Clarence Smith
Player King – Clifford Rose
Fortinbras – Chook Sibtain
Marcellus/Osric – Nicholas Rowe
Cornelius/Reynaldo – Alex Boyd-Williams
Prologe/Lucianus/Doctor – Nicholas Murchie
Player Queen – Steven O’Neill
Bernardo – Alan Westaway
Francisco – Alex McSweeney
Voltemand – Nick Monu
Henry IV Part One King Henry IV – Julian Glover
Prince Hal – Jamie Glover
Falstaff – Richard Griffiths
Hotspur – Alan Cox
Mistress Quickly – Elizabeth Spriggs
Northumberland – Peter Jeffrey
Worcester – Anthony Jackson
Glendower – Ian Hughes
Douglas – Mark Bonnar
Poins – Charles Simpson
Lady Percy – Jane Slavin
York – Michael N. Harbour
Vernon – Nicholas Murchie
Westmoreland – Philip Whitechurch
Bardolph – Sidney Livingstone
Blunt – David King
Other parts played by – Peter England, Rachel Lumberg, John McAndrew, Chris Pavlo, Paul Reynolds, Justin Salinger and Alisdair Simpson.
Henry IV Part Two King Henry IV – Julian Glover
Prince Hal – Jamie Glover
Falstaff – Richard Griffiths
Hostess Quickly – Elizabeth Spriggs
Pistol – Edward DeSouza
Rumor – Brian Cox
Shallow – Geoffrey Bayldon
Northumberland – Peter Jeffrey
Doll Tearsheet – Eve Mathieson
Warwick – Stephen Thorne
Gower – Ian Hughes
Lady Percy – Jane Slavin
Mowbray – Mark Bonnar
Chief Justice – Christian Rodska
Lady Northumberland – Susan Brown Bardolph – Sidney Livingstone
Mouldy – David King
Poins – Charles Simpson
Other parts played by – John Dallimore, Peter England, Paul Goodwin, Michael N. Harbour, John McAndrew, Nicholas Murchie, Chris Pavlo, Ben Porter, Paul Reynolds, Justin Salinger, Alisdair Simpson and Philip Whitechurch.
Henry V Chorus – Brian Cox
Henry – Jamie Glover
King of France – Bill Nighy
Hostess – Elizabeth Spriggs
Pistol – Edward DeSouza
Constable – Malcolm Sinclair
Dauphin – Charles Simpson
Fluellen – Ian Hughes
Exeter – Steve Hodson
Canterbury – David Horovitch
Katherine – Saira Todd
Wesmoreland – Philip Whitechurch
Williams – Gary Bakewell
Montjoy – Alan Cox
Bedford – John McAndrew
Bardolph – Sid Livingstone
French Queen – Diana Quick
Burgundy – David King
Alice – Corinna Richards
Other parts played by – Scott Cherry, Chris Crooks, Theo Fraser Steele, Peter Novis, Chris Pavlo, Paul Reynolds, Justin Salinger, Daniel Slater and Kim Wall.
Henry VI Part One King Henry VI – David Tennant
Duke of Gloucester – Norman Rodway
Talbot – John Bowe
Joan de Pucelle – Amanda Root
Richard Plantagenet – Clive Merrison
Earl of Suffolk – Nigel Cooke
Bishop of Winchester – Steve Hodson
Countess of Auvergne – Isla Blair
Duke of Bedford – Christopher Benjamin
Duke of Exeter – Anthony Jackson
Duke of Somerset – Michael N. Harbour
Earl of Salisbury – Christian Rodska
Charles, Dauphin of France – David Yelland
Margaret of Anjou – Kelly Hunter
Duke of Burgundy – Raymond Bowers
Duke of Alencon – Mark Lambert
Bastard of Orleans – Nicholas Rowe
Duke of Anjou – John Hollis
Edmund Mortimer – Trevor Martin
Young Talbot – John McAndrew
Other parts played by – Alex Boyd-Williams, Alan Cox, Arthur Cox, Alex Lowe, Nicholas Murchie and Jonathan Tafler.
Henry VI Part Two King Henry VI – David Tennant
Queen Margaret – Kelly Hunter
Duke of Gloucester – Norman Rodway
Earl of Warwick – John Bowe
Duke of York – Clive Merrison
Duke of Suffolk – Nigel Cooke
Duchess of Gloucester – Isla Blair
Richard Plantagenet – David Troughton
Edward Plantagenet – Stephen Boxer
Jack Cade – Kenneth Cranham
Lord Clifford – Peter Marinker
Lord Say – Mark Lambert
Bishop of Winchester – Steve Hodson
Duke of Somerset – Michael N. Harbour
Duke of Buckingham – Christian Rodska
Earl of Salisbury – Patrick O’Connell
Stafford – Raymond Bowers
Young Clifford – Jamie Glover
John Hume – David Cardy
Margery Jourdain – Jenny Howe
Other parts played by – Alex Boyd-Williams, Alan Cox, Paul Goodwin, Alex Lowe and Colin Salmon.
Henry VI Part Three King Henry VI – David Tennant
Queen Margaret – Kelly Hunter
Earl of Warwick – John Bowe
Duke of York – Clive Merrison
Richard Plantagenet – David Troughton
Edward Plantagenet – Stephen Boxer
George Plantagenet – John McAndrew
Lady Gray – Sonia Ritter
King Louis of France – Jonathan Tafler
Duke of Exeter – Nigel Cooke
Duke of Somerset – Michael N. Harbour
Earl of Westmoreland – Mark Lambert
Earl of Northumberland – Anthony Jackson
Lord Clifford – Jamie Glover
Lord Hastings – Christian Rodska
Lord Rivers – Gavin Muir
Marquess of Montague – Raymond Bowers
Earl of Oxford – Nicholas Murchie
Earl of Rutland – Jay Barrimore
Other parts played by – Alex Boyd-Williams, Carolyn Backhouse, David Cardy, Alex Lowe and Nicholas Rowe.
Henry VIII King Henry VIII – Paul Jesson
Queen Katherine – Jane Lapotaire
Cardinal Wolsey – Timothy West
Duke of Norfolk – Anton Lesser
Duke of Buckingham – David Yelland
Gardiner – Steve Hodson
Duke of Suffolk – Ian Gelder
Cranmer – Michael N. Harbour
Lord Chamberlain – David Shaw Parker
Cardinal Campeius – Anthony Jackson
Prologue/Epilogue – Sean Baker
Cromwell – Nicholas Murchie
Anne Bullen – Katherine Schlesinger
Old Lady – Maria Charles
Lord Abergavenny – Alan Westaway
Earl of Surrey – Stephen Mangan
Doctor Butts – John McAndrew
Bishop of Lincoln – Alan Cox
Lovell – Nicholas Rowe
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar – Michael Feast
Brutus – John Bowe
Mark Antony – Adrian Lester
Cassius – Geoffrey Whitehead
Portia – Estelle Kohler
Octavius – Jonathan Tayler
Calaphurnia – Shirley Dixon
Casca – Keith Drinkel
Flavius – Bill Homewood
Marullus – Will Keen
Pindarus – Sean Baker
Lucilius – Nicholas Murchie
Artemidorus – Paul Goodwin
Cinna the Poet – John Dallimore
Soothsayer – David King
Other parts played by – Scott Cherry, Theo Fraser Steele, Gerard Logan and Chris Pavlo.
King John King John – Michael Feast
Constance – Eileen Atkins
The Bastard – Michael Maloney
Philip of France – Geoffrey Whitehead
Hubert – Trevor Peacock
Pandulph – Bill Nighy
Queen Elinor – Margaret Robinson
Dauphin – Raymond Coulthard
Austria – Jonathan Tafler
Arthur – Peter England
Salisbury – Anthony Jackson
Pembroke – Oliver Cotton
Melun – Mark Lambert
Lady Faulconbridge – Jenny Howe
Blanch – Alison Reid
Robert Faulconbridge – Nicholas Murchie
Chatillion – Scott Cherry
King Lear Lear – Trevor Peacock
Gloucester – Clive Merrison
Kent – Anton Lesser
Goneril – Penny Downie
Regan – Samantha Bond
Cordelia– Julia Ford
Edmund – Gerard Murphy
Edgar – David Tennant
Fool – John Rogan
Albany – David Horovitch
Cornwall – Rob Edwards
Oswald – Jonathan Tafler
Gentleman – Clifford Rose
France – John McAndrew
Burgundy – Christopher Gee
Old Man – David Shaw Parker
Knight – Alex Lowe
Love’s Labor’s Lost King of Navarre – Greg Wise
Berowne – Alex Jennings
Princess of France – Samantha Bond
Rosaline – Emma Fielding
Don Armado – Alan Howard
Longaville – Jonathan Tafler
Dumaine – John Warnaby
Maria – Sarah Rice
Katherine – Katherine Schlesinger
Boyet – Nicholas Woodeson
Moth – Steven O’Neill
Holofernes – David Horovitch
Nathaniel – Kenneth Jay
Dull – John Dallimore
Costard – Max Bonamy
Jaquenetta – Emily Raymond
Macbeth Macbeth – Hugh Ross
Lady Macbeth – Harriet Walter
Banquo – John Bowe
Macduff – Gary Bakewell
Malcolm – Mark Bonnar
Duncan – Denys Hawthorne
First Witch – Shirley Dixon
Second Witch – Margaret Robertson
Third Witch – Maureen Beattie
Porter – David Tennant
Ross – Sean Baker
Siward – Gavin Muir
Fleance – Peter England
Old Man – Michael Deacon
Other parts played by – Alasdair Galbraith, Sidney Livingstone, Alex Lowe and Nicholas Murchie.
Measure for Measure The Duke – Roger Allam
Angelo – Simon Russell Beale
Isabella – Stella Gonet
Claudio – Jonathan Firth
Lucio – Stephen Mangan
Pompey – Desmond Barrit
Mariana – Emily Bruni
Escalus – Christopher Benjamin
Provost – Christian Rodska
Mistress Overdone – Patricia Brake
Elbow – Lloyd Hutchinson
Abhorson – David Cardy
Friar Peter – David Killick
Juliet – Abigail Docherty
Barnardine – Ian Gelder
Froth – Chris Pavlo
Nun – Shirley Dixon
Friar Thomas – Robert Portal
The Merchant of Venice Portia – Haydn Gwynne
Shylock – Trevor Peacock
Bassanio – Julian Rhind-Tutt
Antonio – Bill Nighy
Gratiano – Will Keen
Lorenzo – Matthew Delamere
Jessica – Sarah-Jane Holm
Nerissa – Alison Reid
Launcelot Gobbo – David Tennant
The Duke – Geoffrey Whitehead
Morocco – Colin Salmon
Aragon – Robert Morgan
Old Gobbo – Ronald Herdman
Salerio – Jonathan Tafler
Solanio – Nicholas Murchie
The Merry Wives of Windsor Sir John Falstaff – Dinsdale Landen
Mistress Ford – Sylvestra Le Touzel
Mistress Page – Penny Downie
Ford – Nicholas Woodeson
Page – Philip Jackson
Justice Shallow – Clive Swift
Slender – John Dallimore
Mistress Quickly – Susan Brown
Doctor Caius – Kenneth Jay
Host – David Cardy
Anne Page – Camilla Power
Fenton – Scott Handy
Evans – Alan David
Pistol – Chook Sibtain
Bardolph – Anthony Jackson
Nym – Rupert Mason
Simple – Andrew Fallaize
William – Pascoe Sabido
Robin – Peter England
Rugby – James Reynard
Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice – Saskia Reeves
Benedick – Samuel West
Don Pedro – Paul Jesson
Claudio – Jason O’Mara
Hero – Abigail Docherty
Leonato – David Bradley
Margaret – Amanda Root
Dogberry – Bryan Pringle
Don John – Steve Hodson
Ursula – Sonia Ritter
Verges – Raymond Bowers
Antonio – James Greene
Balthasar – Nicholas Murchie
Borachio – Eddie Marsan
Conrade – Alex Lowe
Friar Francis – John Rogan
First Watch – Alisdair Simpson
Second Watch – Chris Pavlo
Boy – Freddie Norton
Other parts played by members of the cast.
Othello Othello – Don Warrington
Iago – David Threlfall
Desdemona – Anne-Marie Duff
Cassio – Jasper Britton
Roderigo – Stephen Mangan
Brabantio – Clive Swift
Emilia – Suzanne Bertish
Duke – Julian Glover
Bianca – Tracy-Ann Oberman
Montano – Will Keen
Gratiano – Chris Crooks
Lodovico – Alan David
Clown – Mark Bonnar
Herald – James Greene
Messenger – Jonathan Tafler
Pericles Gower – Sir John Gielgud
Pericles – Nigel Terry
Thaisa – Stella Gonet
Marina – Julie Cox
Dionyza – Siobhan Redmond
Cleon – Christopher Timothy
Antiochus – Peter Marinker
Simonides – Christopher Benjamin
Lysimachus – Alan Cox
Helicanus – David Killick
Pander – Ian Gelder
Bawd – Alwyne Taylor
Boult – Lloyd Hutchinson
Lychorida – Sian Radinger
Cerimon – Alec Linstead
Leonine – Jason O’Mara
Other parts played by – Neil Daglish, Abigail Docherty, Maynard Eziashi, Christopher McElroy, Cameron Stewart, Tom Farrelly and Richard Trahair.
Richard II King Richard II – Rupert Graves
Henry Bolingbroke – Julian Glover
John of Gaunt – John Wood
Duchess of Gloucester – Isla Blair
York – John Nettleton
Aumerle – Rupert Penry-Jones
Northumberland – Peter Jeffrey
Carlisle – Edward De Souza
Queen – Saira Todd
Duchess of York – Susan Brown
Gardener – Geoffrey Bayldon
Mowbray – Steve Hodson
Welsh Captain – Ian Hughes
Green – Robert Portal
Abbot of Westminster – Anthony Jackson
Ross – Jonathan Tafler
Bagot – Nicholas Murchie
Exton – Scott Cherry
Other parts played by – Alan Cox, Theo Fraser Steele, Sidney Livingstone and Nicholas Lumley.
Richard III Earl of Richmond – Charles Simpson
Earl Rivers – Gavin Muir
Marquess of Dorset – Jamie Glover
Sir William Catesby – Nicholas Murchie
Sir James Tyrrel – Steve Hodson
Sir James Blunt – Trevor Martin
Sir Robert Brakenbury – Arthur Cox
Sir Richard Ratcliffe – Ben Martin
First Murderer – John Hollis
Edward, Prince of Wales – Jay Barrimore
Richard, Duke of York – George Miller
King Richard III – David Troughton
Duke of Buckingham – Philip Voss
Lady Anne – Saskia Wickham
Queen Margaret – Margaret Robertson
Queen Elizabeth – Sonia Ritter
King Edward IV – Stephen Boxer
Duke of Clarence – John McAndrew
Lord Stanley – David Yelland
Duchess of York – Mary Wimbush
Lord Hastings – Christian Rodska
Other parts played by – Peter Marinker, Cameron Powie, Helena Rice, Colin Salmon and David Tennant.
Romeo and Juliet Romeo – Joseph Fiennes
Juliet – Maria Miles
Nurse – Elizabeth Spriggs
Friar Laurence – Clive Swift
Capulet – Trevor Peacock
Mercutio – David Tennant
Tybalt – Jonathan Tafler
Benvolio – Raymond Coulthard
Prince – Scott Cherry
Paris – Andrew Wincott
Montague – Geoffrey Beevers
Lady Capulet – Liz Kettle
Other parts played by – Matthew Morgan, Nicholas Murchie, Richard Pearce and Margaret Robertson.
The Taming of the Shrew Kate – Frances Barber
Petruchio – Roger Allam
Lucentio – Alan Cox
Tranio – Clarence Smith
Hortensio – Charles Simpson
Baptista – Sean Baker
Gremio – John Hollis
Bianca – Elizabeth Anne O’Brien
Grumio – Michael Higgs
Vincentio – Keith Drinkel
Pedant – Michael Deacon
Widow – Jenny Howe
Biondello – Richard Pearce
Tailor – Robert Morgan
Curtis – Max Digby
The Tempest Prospero – Bob Peck
Miranda – Jennifer Ehle
Ariel – Adrian Lester
Antonio – Simon Russell Beale
Ferdinand – Jamie Glover
Caliban – Richard McCabe
Trinculo – Desmond Barrit
Alonso – Jack Klaff
Gonzalo – Christian Rodska
Sebastian – Chook Sibtain
Stephano – Arthur Cox
Boatswain – Nicholas Murchie
Ceres – Sian Radinger
Iris – Adjoa Andoh
Juno – Abigail Docherty
Francisco – Robert Whitelock
Other parts played by members of the cast.
The Two Gentlemen of Verona Proteus – Michael Maloney
Valentine – Damian Lewis
Silvia – Saskia Wickham
Julia – Lucy Robinson
Launce – John Woodvine
Sir Thurio – Desmond Barrit
Speed – Nicholas Murchi
Lucetta – Sarah-Jane Holm
Duke of Milan – Trevor Martin
Antonio – Arthur Cox
Panthino – James Greene
Sir Eglamour – Andrew Alston
Other parts are played by members of the cast.
The Two Noble Kinsmen Prologue and Epilogue – Simon Russell Beale
Palamon – Jonathan Firth
Arcite – Nigel Cooke
Emilia – Helen Schlesinger
Theseus – Geoffrey Whitehead
Gaoler’s Daughter – Sarah-Jane Holm
Gaoler – Richard Cordery
Hippolyta – Adjoa Andoh
Gerrold – Geoffrey Beevers
Pirithous – James Greene
First Queen – Lucy Robinson
Second Queen – Nicola King
Third Queen – Sian Radinger
Wooer – Andrew Wincott
Other parts played by – Arthur Cox, Neil Daglish, Alisdair Simpson, James Wallace and Rupert Wickham.
Timon of Athens Timon – Alan Howard
Apemantus – Norman Rodway
Alcibiades – Damian Lewis
Flavius – John McAndrew
Painter – Paul Jesson
Poet/Lucius – David Ross
Lucullus/Jeweller – Michael N. Harbour
Merchant – Jonathan Tafler
First Senator – Clifford Rose
Second Senator/Old Man – John Hollis
Third Senator/Ventidius – Rupert Wickham
First Servant/Flaminius – Chook Sibtain
Second Servant – Alex Lowe
Third Servant – Alex Boyd-Williams
Caphis – Alex McSweeney
Lucilius/Philotus – Nicholas Rowe
Hortensius – Alan Westaway
First Lord – John Rogan
Other parts played by – Carolyn Backhouse, Michelle Frost, Nick Monu and David Shaw Parker.
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus – David Troughton
Tamora – Harriet Walter
Aaron – Paterson Joseph
Marcus – David Burke
Saturninus – Ian Hughes
Lavinia – Emma Gregory
Lucius – Will Keen
Chiron – John McAndrew
Demetrius – Charles Simpson
Bassianus – Nicholas Murchie
Aemilius – Nigel Cooke
Mutius – Alisdair Simpson
Quintus – Alex Lowe
Martius – Chris Pavlo
Nurse – Marjorie Yates
Young Lucius – Steven Geller
Other parts played by members of the cast.
Troilus and Cressida Troilus – Ian Pepperell
Cressida – Julia Ford
Pandarus – Norman Rodway
Ulysses – Gerard Murphy
Agamemnon – Philip Voss
Thersites – David Troughton
Achilles – Julian Wadham
Hector – Charles Simpson
Diomedes – Duncan Bell
Priam – Clifford Rose
Aeneas – Rob Edwards
Nestor – Trevor Martin
Patroclus – Michael Higgs
Paris – Chook Sibtain
Ajax – Ben Martin
Andromache – Carolyn Backhouse
Prologue/Calchas – Ian Gelder
Menelaus – Mark Lambert
Helen – Annabel Capper
Cassandra – Elli Garnett
Deiphobus – Rupert Mason
Twelfth Night Olivia – Amanda Root
Orsino – Jonathan Firth
Viola – Niamh Cusack
Malvolio – Julian Glover
Sir Toby Belch – Dinsdale Landen
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – Richard Cordery
Feste – Paterson Joseph
Sebastian – Will Keen
Maria – Maggie McCarthy
Antonio – Alex Lowe
Fabian – Peter Gunn
Curio – Scott Cherry
Valentine – Neil Stuke
The Winter’s Tale Time the Chorus – Sir John Gielgud
Leontes – Ciaran Hinds
Hermione – Sinead Cusack
Paulina – Eileen Atkins
Polixenes – Paul Jesson
Antigonus – Julian Glover
Camillo – Geoffrey Whitehead
Autolycus – Alex Jennings
Perdita – Alison Reid
Florizel – Mark Bonnar
Old Shepherd – Anthony Jackson
Clown – Stephen Mangan
Archidamus – John Hollis
Mamillius – Stephen Geller
Cleomenes – Alan Cox
Dion – John McAndrew
Gaoler – Steve Hodson
Officer – James Greene
Mopsa – Sarah-Jane Holm
Dorcas – Sian Radinger
Emilia – Rebecca Saire
Other parts played by – Charlotte Harvey, Nicholas Murchie, Jonathan Tafler and Tanya Winsor.