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Religious Magazine Archive: About

Key religious primary sources digitized

Subject Coverage

  • Anthropology
  • History of Religion
  • International Affairs
  • Politics
  • Social History
  • Sociology
  • Theology

Publication Title list at completion

  • Advent
  • America
  • BR
  • Catholic World
  • Islamic Horizons
  • Islamica
  • National Catholic Reporter
  • Plain Truth
  • The Pope Speaks
  • Presbyterian Outlook.
  • Protestant Truth
  • Quest
  • Sikh courier international
  • Sikh Messenger
  • Sojourners Magazine
  • Spiritual Life
  • U.S. Catholic
  • UU World

For details on Coverage see the list in the Content page.

What is Religious Magazine Archive ?

Religious Magazine Archive (RMA) will comprise archival runs of 18 historical magazines devoted to religious topics. All are primary source publications, not originally scholarly in nature but now high-value sources for scholars. This collection features titles devoted to a wide variety of religions and denominations to maximize the opportunities for comparative study.

Each title is digitized from its first issue, with the earliest content dating from 1845. Coverage terminates by default at 2015.* On completion the collection will comprise approximately 800,000 pages, scanned in colour. - Approximately 25% of the collection will be available at launch (June 2017). - See in the box on the left the title list on completion.

* Our policy is to include every issue of each publication in full, from the first through to 2015. Due to the rarity of some of the original print volumes, there small gaps (issues or pages) for some publications.

More on Religious Magazine Archive

Non-scholarly magazine archives in the field of religion are key primary sources for the researchers through which to interpret myriad aspects of 20th-century in fields such the history of religion, theology, sociology, anthropology, international affairs and politics.

The mix of titles, spanning a wide variety of religions and denominations, will serve research into countless topics in these fields, such as:

  • the influence of belief systems on public life
  • the evolution and development of particular religious movements
  • the means used by religious movements to gain adherents
  • the changing relationship between religion and society/the state
  • the growth of heterodox religious movements in the 20th century.

These titles originally aimed at a popular readership, rather than cultural or academic elites, provide a unique perspective on the way in which religious institutions engaged with their followers and with wider society.

By offering the full backfiles of major religious magazines spanning the 19th-21st centuries, Religious Magazine Archive makes newly accessible these key sources, for which archival issues have not widely been retained by libraries.

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Product Features & Benefits

 - Unique digital availability of deep backfiles of magazine titles in the field of religion

 - Full color digitization to maximize the visual content of this material

 - Custom article-level document type / feature limiters enable users quickly to access the material most relevant to their research

 - Cross-searchable on the ProQuest platform with many other highly complementary resources

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