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Religious Magazine Archive: Searchable Fields

Key religious primary sources digitized

Look Ups and Browsable Indexes

RMA offers three Look ups or browsable indexes, so you can easily find spelling or format variations of, for example, an author's name or a journal title. You can find the Look up links in the advanced search page and they are available for the following searchable fields: Authors, Publications and Publication subjects. For a description of these fields, please see the searchable fields table to the right. 

Note: Look ups are also available from the Command Line search (through the Look up terms link).

To use and locate a Look up or browsable index, select the field from the advanced search pull-down menu. If a Look up is available, under the search row you will see a link to theLook up. Other Look ups and browsable indexes will be listed in the Limit To section of the advanced search page.

Select the Look up link and then you will see a browsable and alphabetical index for that field. There are some indexes that will not display an alphabetical list before searching for the term, rather you will have to enter a term first, and then the alphabetical list of matches will display.

Once you locate the index term that you would like to add to your search, mark the item, and then click the Add to search button. The index term will now appear in the advanced search form along with the appropriate pull-down menu selection.

Searchable Fields

Field Name


Search Examples & Explanation

Accession Number / ProQuest Document ID



Searches both the unique ProQuest document ID (applied to all documents) and the 3rd party document ID or accession number (applied to some databases such as PsycINFO).

All Fields


ALL(giordano bruno)

ALL searches for keywords in the citation and abstract. It is a full record search, but does not include a search on the full text.




AU(Smoley, Richard)

Use to find documents written by a particular author. Try searching on both the full first name and initials in order to retrieve all publications by a specific author. Can be searched as (last name, first name) or (first name last name).

Country of Publication


CP(United States)

Use to locate articles published in a specific Country.

Document Feature



Use to search for articles with features such as Cartoons, Comics, Diagrams, Graphs, Illustrations, Photographs, References.

Document Text


FT(prophet* christ)

Search for keywords in the body of the article.

Document Title




Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the article.

Document Type



Use this to find specific document types such as article, letter, fiction, cover story. The full list of definitions is available as additional search option in Advanced Search





This search field looks for the eight digit International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), where available. Hyphens are optional.




Use to search the issue number of a resource.




Use to locate the original language of the document.

Publication date



Use to find a specific publication date. Can be searched as:

 (YYYYMMDD) = (19871020)

 (YYYY and month) or (month and YYYY)= (1987 and Oct)

 (YYYY) = 1987

The use of <, >, and – are supported to specify before or after a specific date and a date range.

Publication Subject



Use the Publication subject search field to look for documents about a specific subject.  

Publication subject terms conform currently a list of 8 subject areas: General Interest Periodicals--United States‎, Literary And Political Reviews‎, Philosophy‎, Religions And Theology‎, Religions And Theology--Hindu‎, Religions And Theology--Islamic‎, Religions And Theology--Other Denominations And Sects‎, Religions And Theology--Roman Catholic.

The list can be found as a Look up list in Advanced Search and Command Line Search and as a Narrow Filter in the Results page.

Publication Title



PUB(Plain Truth)

Use to search for a specific Publication/Magazine title.

Publication title (includes title history)


PUBALL(New Catholic World)

Includes all the title variants within a journal run. So for 'Catholic World', this index will also include the variant: "New Catholic World")



PB(Theosophical Society in America)

Use to search for the publisher of the source such as the journal publisher.

Source type



All the records in this database are from Magazines.




Use to search for Tags attached to articles. This field is user generated and only searches Tags that were made public by ProQuest users.




Use to search for the volume of a resource.