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Religious Magazine Archive: Sample Searches

Key religious primary sources digitized

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Sample Searches

Basic Search

You are researching the relationship between shiites and sunnis and changes over time

1 - In the Basic Search box enter the terms shiite* and sunni*, then hit the button for searching.

2 - In the Results page, go to the articles dated March 1984 and review the way they look at the relationship between 2 Islamic denominations back then.

Basic Search

search for articles mentioning the iconography of the Annunciation.

1 - In the search box type annunciation AND (visual* or iconograph*) and hit Search.

2 - Identify the most relevant articles.

Advanced Search

you want to find articles on the relationship between Yoga and the Upanishads in the Hindu religion

1 - In Advanced Search, select Title in the first Drop Down menu and type upanishad* yog* in the search box

2 - in the Logical operator menu on the left select OR instead of AND

3 - in the second search box type again upanishad* yog* and select Abstract in the drop down menu next to it

4 - finally click on the Search button

5 - review the results and identify the most relevant


Identify publications which cover Hinduism

 1 - Go to the Publication subject Narrow Filter on the left and expand it -  click on More options.

2 - In the window that opens, click in the Include check box next to  Religions And Theology--Hindu, then click on the Add button.

Were the results from the previous search on Yoga all coming from the Publication that has been found this way?